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Could plus size models be a bad example?

We are getting bigger and bigger with fast food and high fat unhealthy food. I know super skinny models aren't a great example either. But putting plus size models on a pedestal because their overweight (possibly) and proud isn't good either. To me its like saying its okay to be fat and keep eating the big mac and just accept it. i've heard the average american is a size 12. Why is that a good thing.....if your 5'1 and a size 12 that really isn't all that healthy.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

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  • Shay
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    The bad example is that some plus size models are actually girls who are fairly slim but are considered "plus" size becuase there are not bone thin. Calling girls who are fit and healthy plus size makes girls looking at them think they they should strive to be smaller even if it means being underweight.

    Neither being extremely thin and underweight nor being extremely large and overweight are healthy. I think the modeling industry should strive for a happy medium.

  • Tina
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    10 years ago

    Being a size 12 is perfectly normal. All health issues are not related to weight. There are overweight people who are very healthy. I think being a size 2 is unhealthy but I am sure there are size 2's out there that are healthy. I don't think plus size models are ever put on a pedestal. But there are more people in the world who can relate to and fit into the plus size models clothes than those models on the runways who are a size 0! I also believe to be a little overweight is much better for a person than to be underweight. We are a much bigger people now a days which does come from the easy access to fast food and the lack of exercise. A lot of children don't get much exercise as they are inside playing video games or watching TV and playing on the computer. In my day (a while ago), we didn't have access to any of that stuff and we were always outside playing and fast food was a treat, maybe once a month if we were lucky. We did have tv but only a few channels, no cable!

    There also is not as much exercise in the elementary schools anymore. We have become a pretty sedentary nation.

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    the average size of an american women is a twelve. Not that being over weight is a good thing, and Im not saying that size twelve is over weight. All people have different body shapes and types and just because those models are called plus size, doesn't mean they eat big macs everyday or got that way by eating mcdonalds. It also gives bigger people someone to relate to. And to being healthy isn't about how it looks on the outside, its how healthy your body is on the inside. A size 2 person could have high blood pressure and be way less healthy that a size 10 or 12.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Oh sure, of course.

    Just like seeing a rail-thin model doing a line of coke is obviously a great example for children.

    How are plus-size models bad examples? What, you think that a woman who is a size 12+ who is HEALTHY is setting a bad example? Well damn, looks like the average woman is now setting a bad example. Plus-sized models are almost never overweight. For the most part, they are just "chubby".

    If you are 5'1 and a size 12, no, you might not be healthy. But if you are 5'7 and a size 12, then how is that bad? Just because a woman is a larger size, doesn't mean she's unhealthy. Many women who are rail-thin have as many, if not more, health issues than women who are overweight. And just because someone is a larger size, doesn't mean they are overweight.

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    The industries shouldn't have like 5x models, or dudoubleeros, but its really not whats a good example that decides it, its the target coconsumerso ststereotypicallyounger girls do a fair amount more shopping then older females because the money isn't tied into other life expenses yet, and the average size is probably from a much larger population then just younger females, so the average size of the model might be a representation of the average size of the person in the targeted age bracket.

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    Excuse me but a size 12 isn't unhealthy at all. I'm 5ft 2 and I'm a size 12. I don't even look remotely fat. I just look healthy. A size 10-12 is a perfect weight in my opinion, girls look faaaaarrr better when they're curvier than when they're a size 4 or something. Bones = EW.

    And by the way, how do you know they even like junk food. Cause I wouldn't dare touch a burger.

  • 10 years ago

    Well im a teenage girl and i personally feel the same way as you sort of. Super skinny models aren't exactly the greatest role models to young girls. With plus size models, they just show its ok to feel comfortable in your own skin. But, modeling is still modeling, so they dont have extremely fat models walking down the cat walk.So yeah. plus size models are sort of a good example, but you should always remember to stay at a healthy weight.

  • 10 years ago

    Keep in mind, to the modeling community, plus-size means not being so skinny people can see your heart beat through your chest on the runway. I think looking like a box kite in designer clothes is a worse example than being at a healthy or slightly high weight.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes i absolutely think so! I've always thought so, i mean they're not healthy.

    Everyone had this new idea that thick is okay and to embrace your thickness, but it's like look at the reality: they're unhealthy.

    Although, some plus size women aren't that heavy. Like when you look at some of us average girls, we would actually be considered plus size because we're not stick skinny. Look at Beyonce, she has beautiful curves and she embraces them, and she's not even fat, however in the model world she would be considered a plus size model.

    So it's a tricky subject.

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  • 10 years ago

    What is healthy? To you, it must be a size 2 or 3. To me? A 12 or 14 is perfectly healthy. The plus sized models aren't pushing Mickey-D's. They eat healthy and exercise just like they are supposed to.

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