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How does a crocodile protect itself from predators?

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answer this pleasee <3
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Crocodiles are apex predators, which means they have no natural predators other than humans. However, if it's attacked, a crocodile will use its tail as a weapon. Of course, it could also bite its attacker. Crocodiles have been known to bite down with a force of more than 3,000 pounds per square inch! With a bite like that, I don't get why anything would even want to attack a crocodile!
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  • Cal King answered 5 years ago
    They run to the water at the first sign of trouble if they are sunning themselves on land. In the water, they are well camourflaged, as most of the body is below the surface, and only the eyes and nostrils are above water. They are large as adults. That is the main form of protection. Young crocodilians are eaten by a wide variety of animals, including big fish, herons, monitor lizards, and snakes. Because of their size they have few predators in the water. On land they are vulnerable to the big cats. That is why they run to the water when alarmed.

    A hippo can kill an adult crocodile without problem, but the hippo and crocs have an understanding. A croc that doesn't get close to a baby hippo is left alone, because crocodiles cannot harm adult hippos. By being smart enough to stay away from baby hippos, crocodilians therefore stay out of trouble.
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  • Bobby answered 5 years ago
    It can whack them with its tail, or bite them with their powerful jaws and teeth. Keep your distance.
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  • how does a crocodile protect itself from predators?
    answer this pleasee <3
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