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What is the history of the Arabic language?

What is the history of the Arabic language? I mainly want to know how old the Arabic language is. I know that is rose to become a great language with the rise of Islam because the Qur'an was written in Arabic and thus it was to be recited in Arabic. What language did Arabic evolve from? Was the Persian language in existence before the Arabic language? Where did the Arabic language begin? All these are questions that I want answered. To the person that can answer these, or get the closest to answering these, will receive the best answer.


If anyone wants to go above and beyond, then what is the history of the Arab people? How many different peoples are there of the Arabs? Such as the Bedouin people, the Berber people, and the Tuareg people.

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I also hear that Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar. Is it true that certain Arab peoples are also the descendants of Esau, Jacob's brother.

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I meant to make the period a question mark.

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Please, don't use Wikipedia as a source as it will not suffice.

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    one of the synonym of the arabic language is the language of the Holy Koran and it also named the language of ض, which is a letter existed only in the arabic language and not existed in any other language. the pharaohs spoke the colloquial (language) according to some researches but they did not speak the classical one. i think its origin from two thousand years ago.

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    OMG, a couple of persons talk a couple of utter rubbish, they as an alternative do. Don't you could have anything larger to do than quite simply wind persons up? This isn't a real question, nonetheless here's a real answer. I am an Arabic-English translator. As aspect of my Arabic degree I study the Qur'an, definite in Arabic, it is not tough and it's lovely noticeable what it method from start to finish. Except that as aspect of my degree we in addition had to study a whole bunch of commentaries from persons like Baidawi, Zamakhshari, etc etc - in order that they are able to wash over such plenty persons's heads. The bottom line is, although it's perfectly obvious what the Qur'an is saying, there are persons in the market who will argue over each and every little radical or the diacritical pointing saying it method this or that - newsletter upon newsletter roughly it (my own husband wrote his PhD thesis on a few anomalies), honestly, on the subject of religion persons with no trouble have to rip each and every piece of it apart. The exceptional aspect is that from a couple of tiny terms, they're going to write pages and extrapolate to the absurd. The fact is, it is not a drawback with translation, it's the fact that it's religion and persons have to 'become' what they want to become. That's all it is. Arabic is like every other language, it can be translated with no trouble the identical as every other. In fact, it's lots easier than a couple of to translate.

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    @ Cecelia: The Pharaohs spoke a language that is called "Coptic" today. Not Arabic...

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