What colors match with Yellow?

For my myspace background.

Thanks :)


Now what color match with green. I liked the green. but green and yellow are my school colors so it looks kinds wack.

Green Please:)

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    I think what you want are colors to coordinate with yellow. I like to see a bright yellow and a cobalt blue together, the contrast really stands out. If you are looking for something more muted in color, then pick a softer butter yellow and perhaps a lavender or soft green. Those combinations look good together, but I think for the background on your site, you want something with a bit of punch and that makes you look twice. So, I would go for a bright yellow and either the cobalt blue or a vibrant peach. Either of those two pairings would add life to the background and be pleasing to the eye and not jarring. Try out the two pairings and see what you feel comfortable with. That's the nice thing about colors, you can change your mind and update you site to give it a fresh look every few months.


    To go with green, I'm thinking of a spring green, I would go with a medium tint of peach. It will give a fresh look to your background and the colors go well together without one being too much for the other.

    Another thought would be to put ivory with a spring green. Again, this would lean to a fresh look that could be updated each season to keep interest in your site.

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    Purple definitely

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    i like purple with it...it calms down the brightness of the yellow:)

    hope i helped

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  • 1 decade ago

    yellow matches yellow

  • 1 decade ago

    any color of the rainbow:)

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