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Help me name my boutique designs?!?

I currently make Baby Blankets, Bibs, Burp Cloths and such for fun but have decided to turn this into a small business. My designs will be featured in a local boutique starting March 13th and I need a name for my Designs. A "brand name" if you will.

I don't want the name to refer to baby only items, in case I broaden my product line in the future.

I would prefer ONE WORD that really stands out and makes a statement, but am not against more than one word or adding Designs at the end.

I want it to be elegant and stylish yet unique and funky. (I'm picky and impossible to please haha)

Here are some ideas I like but havent fallen in love with as a name.

Swanky, Snazzy, Chic, Whimsy, Dandy , any flower or gemstone, french words....


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Azaleas, Emeralds, Jonquille (daffodil in french), chartreuse, (my favorite color its a bright green but also a liquor name), Spinels (my favorite gemstone) Hope this helped! Chartreuse is my favorite.

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