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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 1 decade ago

What does a FULL teen wardrobe contain?

I'm talking everything guys, from top to bottom, day to night, gym to a concert [band or recital], every occasion. Can you give me a broad outline?

Basic Categories--





Sweaters and such:

Skirts and Dresses:



Hair Accessories:



I do shop at these stores, so keep that in mind!-- [And I hate when the label is on the front of the shirt!] Aeropostale, Aerie, A&E, VS, VS Pink, JC Penney, Gap, Old Navy, Delia's, LFL, Shoe Dept., Payless, and DEBs. If you ahve any stores you'd suggest, tell me also!

Thanks everyone!


This doesn't have to be cookie cutter perfect, just what you think should be there.



Tanks [number]

Camis [number and type? Lace or not]

Long sleeves

Short sleeves.

V necks

Boat shirts.

Also: I'm an hourglass figure, 5'3.

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    Well it all depends on the person's taste in clothing. No one dresses exactly the same as anyone else. As far as my wardrobe goes:

    Shirts: Target, Walmart, American Eagle, Kohl's, Ross, Marshall's, Wet Seal thrift stores [v necks, screen tees, tye-dye, polos, flannel shirts]

    Pants: Walmart, Target

    Shoes: Rack Room Shoes, Payless, Target, Agaci

    Outerwear: Forever 21 [peacoat]

    Sweaters and such: American Eagle, Delia's

    Skirts and Dresses: American Eagle

    Accessories: Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe

    Shorts: Old Navy, Delia's, AE

    Hair Accessories: There's a hair shop near my house that isn't really popular, but try Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe

    Formal: Kohl's, Jcpenney [Little black dress, skirts]

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