there's a lot of reasons why revenge is bad... for example it usually

causes more suffering. BUT the suffering doesnt make revenge meaningless

because if the point was to get even and you succeeded,

even though it caused suffering, the revenge itself wasnt totally pointless.

the suffering is just like a "side effect"

i wonder if this makes any sense..............................??

and so i just really want to know...

What makes revenge meaningless??

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    Justice is just state-sanctioned revenge. Of course it isn't pointless. We authorize the state to assure that revenge is appropriate to the crime, and not mistakenly administered. But both are the same concept and exist for the same reasons.

    Revenge is a deterrent against future "crimes". Well executed revenge, or justice, makes doing the act less beneficial to the perp than not doing the act. It also restores a sense of fairness to the victim, and sustains the victim's sense of security knowing that response will be morally allowed (personally, communally) against a malicious act of harm.

    Simply put, bullies only respond to revenge. They thrive on people and societies that are unwilling to use it.

    The fall-out of revenge, if appropriate to the crime, is owned by the perp, not the victim. Incarcerating a father that stole a car for 5-10 years harms his son, but that harm is the result of the criminal's act, not the justice/revenge system.

  • Jim
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it is totally meaningless. The reason why...DO you want to really know WHY? And are you going to listen?

    The reason why is because YOU are THEM and THEY are YOU. So when you hurt someone else you are really hurting yourself. You think you are separate but you aren't. There is no such thing as separation. There is only the IDEA that we are separate. Separation is an IDEA, not a fact. You will understand what I mean, when you consider that everything in the universe is intrincically tied together into one UNITY. The UNITY of "THE" ONE. There could only be separation IF there was something ELSE. But since there is only the UNITY, there is nothing ELSE. The else is an illusion. It, like separation, is an idea.

    Understand, there is a difference between an IDEA and Absolute Reality. Absolute reality is what the UNITY is BEING. An idea is a subjective perception of the Unity as separate.

    This is EXACTLY and PERFECTLY what the Golden Rule means:

    Do UNTO others what you would have them do UNTO you.

    The reason is clear - the reason is perfect - the reason is consistent. You are them and they are you and there is only ONE.

    Therefore, revenge upon another is revenge, an act of violence, against the SELF. When you hurt another, you hurt yourself.

    Now, I will tell you how it hurt another...and that hurt goes out into the universe, into the unity, and it comes back to you, maybe six months later or a year later or two years...however long it takes, it comes back, and you are hurt by ANOTHER just as you hurt that person in the past. The one who is hurting you is YOU in is what you did coming back to you in full force.

    The reality is - you are looking into a mirror of yourself, everywhere you look is a different body, in a different place, so it seems and so it appears like there is separation when there is no is an illusion, the false concept of separation which you are confronted with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nothing is meaningless, there is a reason for everything and a reaction to everything. Action and reaction. I'm sorry i couldn't give you a more complicated, philosophical answer but these are my beliefs. There is also no such thing as even, even is an opinion, meaning that everyone's opinon of 'even' is different. Is $100 worth $100? Now is someone elses $100 worth as much as the $100 you worked hard for? And therefore what the person taking revenge believes is even, the victim(s) of such revenge (be it a direct or indirect victim) will feel otherwise, and will react to the action taken against them. If anything relative to the person taking revenge changes due to the revenge taking place (and something WILL change, otherwise no revenge has been taken because no action can ever go without a reaction) then the change IS the meaning to the revenge. Sorry if that doesn't seem to make sense.

  • When people get revenge it ussually just makes an ongoing battle. If you take revenge on someone, they probably wont see it as fair and over, they'll prob be pretty infuriated and start more crap. If everyone always tried to get revenge, everyone would be fighting pretty much all the time. Revenge ussually just causes more problems. Thats what i believe at least.

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  • Naguru
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    1 decade ago

    Yes philosophically revenge is meaningless.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I enjoy partaking in revenge, or vengeance whenever possible. When someone wrongs me, it feels good to wrong them more then they wronged me. Just to prove a point to prevent them from wronging you again. It's a form of power.

    It definitely worked in WW2. Japan wronged the U.S., at Pearl Harbor. The U.S. took vengeance with atomic weapons. Japan was never a threat again.

  • Kyle S
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    1 decade ago

    If a man ventures on a journey of revenge, he should dig two graves.

  • 1 decade ago

    Revenge is a cycle. I throw a chip at you and you automatically throw it back at me, completely instinctual. Think it through, not many do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    whats the point of revenge? no matter what it will go back to them anyways

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if revenge helps you release your anger, then it's not meaningless

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