Supreme Court cases, help!?

I have a project for school and i need to match these supreme court cases to the results but there are a few i couldnt find.

Here are the cases:

1.baker v. carr

2.miranda v. arizona

3.gideon v. wainwright

4.brown v. board of education

Here are the matches: person one vote

2.all suspects must be "read their rights" before questioning

3.provide free legal counsel to those that cant afford one.

4.federal aid to help schools purchase textbooks

5.banned prayer in public schools

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Really? You couldn't find those? Did you even try? Just google them. These are not obscure cases. But you've done something wrong because Brown has to do with school desegregation, which isn't even listed. And think hard about what they call those rights read to people who are arrested.

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