if Obama will make everyone get health insurance under the new plan...then how will people just wait until the?

under the new healthcare plan, Obama wants to prevent insurance companies from denying people based on pre existing conditions. Someone stated that this may pose a problem because people would just only wait until they got sick and only then would they get insurance, but Obama stated during the healthcare summit that this will be prevented because everyone will be required to have some kind of insurance under the new plan. Of course the companies will still get around this by charging higher premiums for everyone, but no one would just be able to only wait until they get sick and only then get insurance.

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    1 decade ago
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    You apparently have been misinformed.

    If you already have insurance, then keep what you have.

    But in keeping what you have, President Obama is trying to make sure that your insurance company doesn't drop you should you get an illness that becomes too expensive to treat.

    President Obama is also trying to stop insurance companies from not covering people who have pre-existing conditions.

    And do you honestly think that people will "wait until they get sick?" Don't you realize that nobody in their right minds WANT to be sick?

    And guess what? Insurance companies are already changing higher premiums. You think that if health care reform is not passed that the insurance companies will just stop raising their premiums?


  • Tmess2
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    1 decade ago

    Actually, getting healthier people into the insurance pool will result in lower premiums. The repeal of pre-existing conditions would, by itself, result in a raise in insurance premiums due to healthy people waiting until they got sick. That's why most analysts of the health care market say that you can't just repeal pre-existing conditions (a very popular proposal) without also imposing mandates (a somewhat unpopular proposal).

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