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So were are the LIberals parading a slam dunk on Obama's health summit Thursday ?

When Obama brought his OWN cameras in for the last meeting with Republicans it was made to look like Obama trashed them but it looks like he met his match this time

Update 2:

subwm4bush, If your a conservative I'm the Pope

Update 3:

James, This may take a while to sink in but if Obama had a 60 vote majority this would have been passed a LONG time ago but the American people do not want it so it will not pass

Update 4:

Jeff you are SO right. Michelle Obama has more than Barry has

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    That comment that he made to John McCain was uncalled for John McCain has done more for this country than Obama can or will ever do.

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    I've never been able to slam dunk a basketball without the assistance of a ladder.

    Democrats left the heavy lifting to Barack Obama and were looking for some sign of common ground - there was none. I think you're right, the Republicans broke even and that made them seem triumphant.

    People were expecting to see theater and unfortunately they were not disappointed. Let's start from scratch is not what the American people were waiting to hear unless they are resigned to annual increases of 20-40% in their insurance premiums.

    Watch them fingers. If I'm going to be the grammar police I want compensation.

    Best moment - Tom Coburn discussing chronic health care.

    Worst moment - tie: Eric Cantor, the 2,004 pages of the House bill in front of him and John McCain/Harry Reid (anytime they spoke).

    Honorable mention: Mitch McConnell spending his time tracking the minutes each side spoke. Kentucky voters should be proud.

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    He went to a`debate with his charisma and the GOP went with facts, that is a point the left never get ideas with no facts are just ideas. Ideas with no real planning are bad ideas.

    The left have great ideas but no way to implement them in a cost effective way.

    The real truth is if we as nation would go back and use the principles God laid out on every subject we would be a prosperous nation again.

    Not every Jew in Israel is religious but they do follow Gods principles and look how great that little nation is surrounded my enemies.

    So to answer your question God said he would make the wise look foolish--Obama and the DNC looked foolish.

    If Obama didn't have the media on his side? Most of America would be calling for his, Harry's and Nancy resignation

  • What about the Republican slam-dunk Thursday night where Senator Jim Bunning filibustered and killed the Unemployment Benefits bill that was a joint Democrat/Republican crafted extension of Unemployment benefits that expire Sunday? The Senate Republican Caucus celebrated the fact that Senator Bunning all by himself destroyed the bipartisan bill through his one man filibuster when everyone else including Republicans had already approved it.

    A perfect example of how the Republicans have stalled and killed almost all legislation for the last year.

    Source(s): Former Republican 1971-2003 Independent
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    Everywhere. As a conservative I would say the president won handily. This guy has a great depth of knowledge on policy issues, our GOP leadership does not. Obama is a policy wonk and our leadership has to rely on talking points. A high school debate team could destroy our leadership. Any encounter with the president is an unfair fight, our leadership should never again agree to any televised encounters with the president. We need to stick with propaganda from Rush and FOX. It is better to spin and lie for our base than to televise our leadership's lack of knowledge for the American people.

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