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John Skelton or Sam Bradford? Who gets picked first?

Skelton is a Monster of a QB 6'5" with a cannon for an arm. Does he beat out Bradford or does Sam's recent weight gain help or hurt him? thanks

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    I like Skelton as a mid-round prospect and I'm not very high on Bradford, but Bradford is still a much better prospect, especially with his new 236 pound frame. If that new weight can translate to improved arm strength and durability he might actually become the prospect that he was hyped up to be.

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    Sam Bradford will get picked first. He has a bettter understanding of the pro game at this point and can contribute to a team right away, whereas Skelton will have some learning to do, and is at least 2 years away from being able to contribute. Skelton will do well going to a team with an "aging" QB that he can learn from and be ready to step in when the "old" man retires. Seattle for example.

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    well if all a qb needed to be good was a cannon of an arm then jamarcus would be good bradford is going to go higher in the draft than skelton hands down

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    i personally like bradford better, and yes the weight gain will probably help, but skelton will probably be better in the nfl. he can take a hit and make big plays better than bradford.

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    Sam Bradford will go first

  • Bradford. I`ve heard from multiple sources that he`ll be going first. He could have ended up first last year, if he entered the draft, so I think he`ll get his chance first. St. Louis needs a QB anyway, so they`ll probably go for him.

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