is the Job Offer from Abbey National PLC, UK fake ?

1st Mail:


We wish to acknowledge the receipt of your mail and wish to notify you that your CV/Resume has been sent to our international administrative department for proper screening and verifications and only successful applicants will be contacted via e-mail.

Note: Your success depends on your Cv / Resume and also in the attached form which you are required to furnish to this office in the next 24 hours.

Keep on checking your mail because we will get back to only the successful candidate.

Please ensure that all information provided is true and correct, we Reserves the right to investigate on all information and details given which we have stared already.

Falsification of documents, incomplete data and or In-correct information is ground for Denial, Refusal or Termination of Employment.

Mr. Bob Williams

Abbey Recruitment Services Coordinator,


OFFICE:Tel: +44(0)8712378936

2nd Mail: With the Offer Letter

ATTEN: Bijoy Joseph ,

This is an Affirmation that your Experiences and Qualifications where found suitably qualified for the requirements of ABBEY NATIONAL PLC.

This document attached embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of this Employment. We hope that you will give this company the best you can offer from your experience and hard working ability.

NOTE: If you do not have a work/residence permits papers to United Kingdom, you have to make contact with the UNITED KINGDOM IMMIGRATION SERVICES here in U.K for the procurement of your Visa and work/ residence permit papers, Through the contact details below . Because we are having a contract agreement with them for the easiest acquisition of employees necessary traveling papers immediately because we can't wait to fill the vacant positions for the betterment of our company.



Contact Officer: Inspector POWELL OWEN

ADDRESS: Work Permit Consultants

1Bellbrook Business Park

Uckfield East Sussex

TN22 1QG.


TEL: +448712378848

Please let me know if the Offer Letter from Abbey National PLC, UK is Genuine or Not ??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i got same mail whats ur designation

    give me a call dear ion my moblile number it's 9377326804 and my email address is

    as soon as possible

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  • 4 years ago

    Abbey National Bank does exist, but I would suggest that you are being SCAMMED. Ther are hundreds of scam bank emails flying around. The Yahoo email address shows that this is the case. London has a telephone code of 0207 as well.

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