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Is the Gaza Strip suppose to be part of Palestine or Israel? V V V?

When Israel was created in 1948, was the Gaza Strip suppose to be a part Palestine or did the Palestians take that strip of land, refusing to leave, when they were required to give it up??

I hear two sides to the story:

1) The one side is that the Gaza Strip was suppose to be part of Israel but the Palestinians refused to give it up during the creation of Israel (or some say sometime after the creation of Israel)

2) On the other side is that the Palestinians believe that the Gaza Strip should ATLEAST be part of Palestine.(Keep in mind that most Palestinians want Israel and Palestine joined together once again, keeping it all one land)

So my question is - What was the British mandate regarding the Gaza Strip during the creation of Israel?? Did they decide it would be part of the new nation of Israel, or be a part of Palestine with the West Bank ( as another piece of Palestine seperate from the West Bank, I mean)

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    The Gaza strip was supposed to be a part of the Arab state which the Palestinians turned down.

    When Israel was declared in 1948, Gaza was invaded, conquered and occupied by Egypt.

    Egypt made no attempt create an independent government in Gaza.

    In 1967 Israel conquered and occupied Gaza and the Sinai peninsula, and immediately declared that it would be willing to return it in the process of peace negotiations.

    In 1979 a peace agreement was signed between Egypt in Israel, in which Israel returned Sinai to Egypt. Israel also wanted to return Gaza to Egypt, but Egypt refused.

    In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza completely, and since then the only occasions when Israelis has been to Gaza were the times Israel has been responding to terrorist activity coming from Gaza.

    Israel has no interest to govern the Gaza strip, but it has an obligation to its own citizens to protect them from terrorist threats coming from Gaza.

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    Jews have been greater tolerant and non violent until the worldwide-conflict II, whilst Germany wanted to Whitewash the Europe sparkling from Jews ! the feasible answer became to get a separate usa for Jews so as they are not oppressed consequently Israel, which were their abode for generations mutually when you consider that Moses became a organic answer. U.N Partition became a humorous tale, the Partition became in this manner of vogue that there became potential develop for Israel and ultimately kill off Palestine. Why to divide a single usa of Palestine in to better than 3 aspects separated from one yet another ans Armed-Israel Sitting interior the middle ?? The branch must be greater LOGICAL, merely making 2 states one for Jews and different for Arabs, and the neighboring countries Sc**wed up the case by making use of happening conflict with Israel, and ultimately living HELL became made for the Palestinians by making use of none different than the egocentric Arabs! I doubt if Hamas or different communities somewhat do preserve Palestinians or they are the thoughts-toddler of Israelis - with a view to go on with their fake-FLAG assaults and persisted develop into Palestine area. this occasion is not any diverse than the LTTE and Sri-Lanka. it is an common case of Oppressors and the Oppressed.

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    Please examine maps below and let us know who is right and ho is wrong.

    No deception and manipulation please.

    First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878


    United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949


    Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000

    Report monkeys and and enemy of truth please do not murder free speech and fair debate.

  • Gaza should be palestinian.

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    Actually, all of it belonged to the Arabs in the Arabian, NOT, Jewish Peninsula(except NON Arab Iran, then in 1948, Israel)/Canaan/God's promise.


    Pre 1948 ARAB Palestine(population 93% Arab, less than 5% MIDDLE EASTERN,NO EUROPEAN JEWS- After 1948 Israel-70% (50% European Jews, 20 % Middle Eastern Jews),30% Arabs. The West Bank and Gaza strips- 70% Arabs (AND SHRINKING FROM ISRAELIE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS AND ETHNIC CLEANSING), 30% Jews.Pro Israelies claiming no Palestinians(Arabs)/Palestine - just saye the region was 93% Arab - problem SOLVED.

    Myth (half truth): Israel bought the land.

    Fact: The truth is that Jews (not Israel) bought about 7% of the land before 1948. Most of the rest was owned by Palestinians as documented by the British Mandate.

    Actually, it started in Biblical times when Isaac stole Ishmael's inheritance.In modern times it started in 1922(Arab armies-no Jews participated(outside of Arab Palestine, Jews fought with the Ottomans)-threw off the Ottoman Empire Occupiers(few Turks owned land in Arab Palestine)-the UN then assigned Britain as an occupier when the ILLEGAL Foreign European Jewish immigrants swelled Arab Palestine's(93% Arab) from less than 5% Middle Eastern Jews to 35%(mostly European Jews). These Jews became belligerent, demanding a chunk of Arab Palestine for a homeland from the British UN assigned occupiers. The British attempted to set up POLITICAL, NOT, land borders for Jews and Arabs-this is the British Mandate. The Jews were not satisfied and formed murderous Jewish terrorist groups, labeled as such by the British-Likud(oops, IRGUN before being elected), the Stern Gang, Lehi, Levi, Haganah, and many others and started slaughtering their Arab hosts and stealing THEIR land to ILLEGALLY form Israel(UN ratified a day AFTER the fact) in 1948. The Israelies continue stealing Arab land through murder up to the present.They must stop laying the blame on God and the British.

    You want REAL terrorists- makes the Nazis look like pansies- type Irgun in your Google browser - they are a murderous Jewish group one of many labeled as such by the British. Irgun was OFFICIALLY labeled murderous Jewish terrorist group by the British.No one associates Jews with being terrorists- the Irgun were worse than ANY Arab terrorist group- Irgun used grenades and car bombs to kill Arabs, foreign dignitaries, EVEN Jews opposing their methods, they sniped innocent unarmed Arabs in the back, dropped Arab men women, children, and, babies off building roof tops, bull dozed houses using tanks with Arab families being buried alive, doused Arabs in kerosene and burned them alive, poisoned water sources,crushed Arab women's belly's by stomping on them or standing on enough men on them until they were killed,gang- raped Arab women and young girls 13 and under, then shooting them as they screamed in terror, in non vital areas, finally, a fatal bullet to the head where the infamous IDF term"Confirming the kill" arouse.THEY WERE SO BRUTAL AND MURDEROUS, ANOTHER SUCH GROUP,HAGANAH, ATTEMPTED UNSUCCESSFULLY, TO REIN THEM IN.

    GEE- Bottomline- the Jews slaughtered the Arabs and stole their land.

    Biblically, Ishmael(Arabs) was born 23 years BEFORE Isaac(Jews).Technically Abraham was not Jewish-his ancestry is from Babylon inside the Arabian, not, Jewish, Peninsula/ Canaan/ God's promised land. He was Semitic, possibly Hebrew(Jewish and Hebrew are not the same-although laypersons consider them the same), he was not Jewish-may well have been Arab.

    The J1 (the Arab) haplomarker has been in the region for 40,000 years-Jews are now thought to be descendants of Arabs. Both Jews and Arabs share J1 and J2(considered the Jewish haplomarker), Arabs having more of J1, the older haplomarker), Jews having more of the J2(younger haplomarker).

    In all honesty, Canaan wa a mix of Semitic peoples, of which Arabs were and are the largest group, and, are considered the FIRST ones there.Of all the Semitic peoples there, Arabs and Jews are the few remaining ones.

    The terms Qahtani are ancient Pre Islamic(contrary to popular misconception, the Arabs did not start with Isam, but many centuries before) ARABS. The Jews are now thought to be their descendants:

    The Hebrew word for Arab is "Arvi".

    The Arabs/Palestinians fought with the Romans to get back Jerusalem that was stolen from them by the Jebusites, whom the Jews stole from the Jebusites.

    Before the Jews invaded Jerusalem, the Arabs(West Semitic peoples) had settled Jerusalem- archaeologists, including Kathleen Kenyon, believe Jerusalem as a city was founded by West Semitic people with organized settlements from around 2600 BCE. :

    According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites were a Canaanite tribe who inhabited and built Jerusalem prior to its conquest by King David in 1004 BCE.

    Arab auxiliary troops joined the Roman legions besieging Jerusalem in the year 70.

    The Roman historian Tacitus writes in his book, The Histories (Kenneth Wellesley, translator, Penguin Books):

    The Histories, Book V:1

    ... Titus Caesar, who had been selected by his father, to complete the conquest of Judaea and already enjoyed the reputation of a general... received added support...

    Awaiting him in Judaea were three Roman legions... the Fifth, Tenth, and Fifteenth...

    Then there were strong levies of Arabs, who felt for the Jews the hatred common between neighbors...

    ... et solito inter accolas odio infensa Iudaeis Arabum manus...

    The terms Qahtani are ancient Pre Islamic(contrary to popular misconception, the Arabs did not start with Isam, but many centuries before) ARABS. The Jews are now thought to be their descendants:

    Bottom line, they were not called Arabs at that time. Later, the Palestinians were called Ishmaelites/Canaanites, but were still present before the Jews. Biblically, Ishmael(Arabs) was born before Isaac(Jews), scientifically, the J1 marker known as the Arab haplomarker, was in the region for 40,000 years,

    Biblically(Ishmael(Arab) born 23 YEARS BEFORE Isaac(Jew)) and scientifically(J1 haplomarker(Arabs) indicates Arabs were in the Arabian Peninsula(Israel is a part of) 40,000 years ago-literally millenia before the Jews), the Arabs were there first and are THE MAJORITY, both in true Palestine(Israel, West Bank, and Gaza strips)-that is why the region is called the ARABIAN, NOT, JEWISH, PENNINSULA.

    The Arabs of Canaan are the Arabs of Palestine. They were there AT LEAST EQUALLY as long as the Jews/Israelis, but they had a constant presence and a defined land. The Jews were nomadic and had NO land until what was taken from the Palestinians in 1948.

    I wonder how many do not know, the Arabs owned almost all of Canaan, including Arab Palestine. They were not called Arabs at the time, but Ishmalites/Canaanites/Arvi(Hebrew term for Arab).Yes and so very TRUE. God's promised land was only one of residency, NOT, ownership as was the British Mandate(political, NOT, land borders-read closely-Arab Palestine to remain ONE country). The Arabs were always FIRST and MAJORITY owners of the ARABIAN, NOT, JEWISH Peninsula(Israel a part of)/Canaan/God's promised land. Except for non Arab Iran, and,until 1948, Israel., ARAB owned it. Israel would have to kill ALL the Arabs and non Arab Iranians(Israel working on that one) and steal all their land to get it.NO WHERE in the Bible/Torah, nor, the British Mandate does it state Israel is to kill the Arabs and steal their land-NO WHERE

    One simple answer here-the West Bank and Gaza strips BELONG to the Palestinians-Israel stole their land by STARTING(loves to call the 1967 Six Day War a PREEMPTIVE strike) a war by attacking Egypt and stealing the land by killing the Arab owners(call them whatever you like-they were NOT Jewsih-that is fact-whether you want to call them Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, or Palestinians,they are ARAB)


    The truth is that Jews (not Israel) bought about 7% of the land before 1948. Most of the rest was owned by Palestinians as documented by the British Mandate.The remaining land was STOLEN from the Palestinians AS DOCUMENTED BY THE BRITISH:

    According to Alexander Scholch, GERMAN JEW AND PROFESSIONAL HISTORIAN, the population of Palestine in 1850 had about 350,000 inhabitants, 30% of whom lived in 13 towns; roughly 85% were Muslims(Arabs), 11% were Christians and 4% Jews.Scholch, 1985, p. 503.

    Palestinian Demographics Link up to 1948

    the Arabian Peninsula/Ancient Canaan/God's promised land, of which Israel is a part of, and, of which the Arabs own almost all of it except for non Arab Iran and, until 1948, Israel.

    Stats of Palestine FROM A JEWISH SOURCE

    The Jews stole Arab land through brutality and murder.


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