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How long will a cat be pregnant?

I have a pregnant cat at my house. And I am eager for it to give out little baby kittens! I just would like to know how long an average cat is pregnant before it delivers?

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    two moons and a day, from time of conception. when the kittens start moving in her belly get ready.

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    Unless you're breeding your cat your not very likely to know she's pregnant. By the time you can tell she's pregnant your cat will be well advanced in the gestation period. The mother doesn't begin to show signs of her pregnancy until two weeks before delivery time. Here are some common signs and symptoms you should see if your cat is pregnant, also helps in knowing how long are cats pregnant for:

    * Nipples will begin to enlarge and become more soft and pink.

    * Showing obvious signs of weight gain mostly in the mid section.

    * As she nearer to birth time she'll be eating more.

    * Signs of being more affectionate.

    * She begins building herself a nest to have her kittens.

    How long are cats pregnant? The normal development (gestation) is between 58 to 65 days or about 9 weeks. The usual number of kittens that are born can be between 1 to as many as 8 in the litter. The norm (average) number of kittens is 3 to 5. If you want a more accurate count as to the number of kittens, a veterinarian can give you a very accurate count by examining the abdomen. They can also perform a ultrasound to verify the actual number of kittens.

    Healthy cats don't need a lot of special care during pregnancy. They can carry on being cats in most of their common activities. Outdoor cats should be kept indoors for the length of the pregnancy. You should discourage ruff playing activities with other pets or Adults and children. The pregnant queen should not be allowed from these activities during her pregnancy. Do not poke the cat's belly to feel for the kittens if pregnancy is suspected, as this could cause her to miscarriage.

    Source(s): watch my nans cats.
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    A cat only stays pregnant for 3 months.

  • 6-9 weeks a cat should be pregnate

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    About 63 days my cat is also pregnant...And its almost time!!!

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    about 65 days.

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