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    From the beginning, newspapers have had a definite influence on literary media. However, in the information age, where all types of media have already converged on the Internet, the content of the newspaper and its form have become an academic subject itself online. Along with the rapid day-to-day changes of new technology, as digital media gradually replaces the paper media of today, consumers everywhere are also gradually changing. A reaction to the special qualities of digital media, this is happening as the narration of digitized newspapers becomes very different from its past form. The latter being a reaction to the different media platform as well as changing market needs.

    This essay, through its review of the Taiwanese newspaper, deeply analyzes the history in terms of content and form characteristics particular to different time periods, clearly combing through each context. At the same time, the article also speculates about how in the digital age, the future possibilities of newspaper content production will depend on how the digital newspaper itself develops. While the production of newspaper content can take different directions, the paper newspaper can transform and establish itself firmly in the market, meeting the spread of the digital newspaper head on and benefiting.

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    All the time, the supplement has propagated and occupied certain influence power to literature, but at information age, all kinds of medias have already become a fact and combined to the network while depending on one, a great subject for research that the content and form in the supplement have become supplements and surfed the Net.

    With the change of new science and technology, today when several medias replace level paper one gradually, reading audiences and facing one by one produces and improves gradually because of its digit speciality too; At the same time in on the other hand, supplement after the digitisation text narrate too because should different media platform and market demand produce different from there was the very great one in the pasting.

    This text will analyse in depth the content that the supplement appears and its form characteristic under different era by reviewing the Taiwan supplement history, a clear train of thought is combed to act as Taiwan supplement development, expect under the development of several science and technology meanwhile, it produce supplement content it make trend in future is possible of instead of localization,it is ask under several future trend that publish not to want, level supplement all right how is it make the transition and establish market orientation their to make, and then popularization of digitisation in supplement can benefit to some extent.

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