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Banfield Pet insurance feed back please! satisfied?

we're trying to figure out what kind of insurance. I've been hearing good things about banfield. what does it cover? i have a 7 month labrador. that is a bundle of love and chaos! lol

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    Your best Insurance for pets is

    Care Credit, it has a high limit on the card, and it is accepted by just about every vet.

    Everyone in my 5 dog clubs use Care Credit, easy to get, low monthly payments.

    With VPI or Banfield, you pay up front a cost of the charge.........

    With Care Credit it a credit card, I have it for all my dogs and have a 10,000.00 credit line on it.

    I had VPI pet insuarance for years, but changed to Care Credit

    Check it out at

    you will see, for a 700.00 credit limit, it is only 15.00 a month to pay it back, low interest.

    and the nice thing if you have an er for a doctor or a dentist for yourself, you can use it as well.

    I only use mine for my dogs....since I have my medical insurance on me.

    I only got it for my dogs,,a,nd trust me, they are so good...

    good luck.

    I belong to 5 dog clubs and so many have changed over to Care Credit for their dogs.

    And most have changed from VPI and Banfield pet is not nearly as trustworthy and as good as Care Credit is.....and as you go, you get credit limits raised when needed for an er.....they understand and do help you....

    Had a neighbor, she has Care Credit, her dog got hit by a car, had to have major surgery, she callled them and they immediately raised her limit over the phone and covered all the dogs needs.

    Now, Banfield and VPI will not do that....

    and there are no copays or out of pocket expense with Care Credit....

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    It isn't insurance!! This is the reason people say bad things about it. The Banefeild Wellness Plan is a great idea, you pay a small monthly payment and get a certain number of shots and other tests done through out the year. If something happens to your pet though, say a car accident and it dies, you still have to pay off for the service package you bought or choose to pay for just the services you used. The main problem with banefield, which is why I chose a regular vet, is their prices are hugely inflated to make the savings of the wellness plan seem like a huge bargain. I spent a lot of time considering Banefeild over a regular vet and did research. It's defiantly not a bad idea, as you do get a package deal for all their yearly shots but in reality they don't need many of the shots they get year after year. Plus if something goes wrong then they charge you incredible prices to make your pet well. 1200 to get a dog spayed? Knock off 1000 and your in a normal vet's range if not less then that. If there is illness or accident then the wellness plan does not cover treatment, it is simply a plan to help your dog stay healthy, not insurance if something happens. If you google pet insurance you can find actual insurance plans that cover accident, illness, and wellness.

    Source(s): Many, Many Many hours of searching through reveiws, looking at their site and talk to people in store.
  • I've heard A LOT of baddddd things about Banfield Pet Insurance AND the Banfield vet.

    Look them up online, including sites like Rip Off Report.

    Skip Banfield.

    I heard Trupanion is excellent

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    The only kind I am familiar with is the one that is offered with your car insurance. My friend that takes her chihuahua everywhere with her, was in an accident and the dog freaked and ran off when the ambulance came. A man found the dog & brought it to the emergency vet. (only after I was on the freeway calling the dog while my friend was on the phone with me crying about the dog from the E.R. at 3:30 a.m.!) Anyway, the way it worked was she (or me in this case) paid the vet bill by credit card and her auto insurance reimbursed her $500.00 for part of the vet bill. It was a free service included with her regular auto Insurance. The name of the insurance is "Drive through Progressive Insurance." I don't know anything about medical insurance for dogs, other than it does exist here in NorCal.

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    In my opinion, it is definitely worth it! We pay the 22 a month and it helps in the long run. I mean there has been plenty of months that we haven't even taken our pup in, but the times that we did, it sure was worth it. If you look at it this way: You will expect to pay that every month. So, you know when the $22 will come out of your bank account and you can plan your finances to that. But what you don't expect is to have your dog swallow a whole bottle of pain pills and have to take her in to get her stomach pumped. So that means that you are $35 dollars short for the office visit. And then whatever else you need to pay for also. All of a sudden you're in a cramp for money that week just because of the unexpected. The service is great, the staff is very friendly. If you are thinking about getting your dog fixed, that is included in the plan. I would recommend it for sure!

    Source(s): I have had my puppy on it for about 8 months now!
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    I'm assuming you are talking about their welness plan, right? I was unaware that they had a seperate insurance program, but maybe. I dunno, lol.

    As a former petsmart employee and customer, I've known NUMEROUS vets and techs from NUMEROUS office locations throughout my city. I have NEVER been satisfied. There was 1 tech I really liked. Out of many. 1 vet I really liked, out of many.

    Here is an answer I posted a few days ago to another question asked about vets. I'm too lazy to re-type, lol

    "I've FIRED Banfield as a whole, not just one office.

    We went in because my ex-boyfriend was a manager at PetSmart. Therefor, free puppy wellness plan = free puppy shots and free neuter.

    We had Hannibal, the husky. Back when we were feeding dog food, he was extremely underweight, so we took him in. She asked what we were feeding, and when we said Blue Buffalo Wilderness, she stared back at us Blankly. "I don't know that brand, but Science Diet is a great food". *Forehead smack*. I understand that vets may not know EVERY brand of food on the market, but when your office is located INSIDE of a PetSmart, you might want to at least learn the brands of food they sell, especially when Blue Buffalo is the top brand they sell (I would say Eukanuba Wild, whatever their new food is, might match Blue Buffalo though)

    Luther, our GSD pup, was extremely fear aggressive, but going through training and improving. On the first visit, he sat in the corner. The vet proceeded to crouch down 6 feet away, grab his leash, and start dragging him to her. It took me a second to get over the shock that someone was trying to drag my puppy across the floor (16 weeks old), and in that second he snapped at her face. She then proceeded to yell at us for having an aggressive puppy (like we chose that).

    Luther was not only cryptorchid, but he had a hernia. The hernia was small, so we decided not to fix it when he was neutered at 6 months old (not my choice, it's the oldest Banfield will neuter with the puppy wellness plan). It was already going to be an invasive enough procedure without an additional surgical cut. When we picked Luther up, not only did they have to go through the abdomen to find the other testicle, but they had repaired the hernia without our permission. Luther came home with a 13 inch incision down his abdomen! They also charged us an additional 90$ to have it repaired (I did not pay the bill, therefor I did not notice this until we returned home). I was extremely annoyed, and decided to talk to them when we went in to have the stitches removed.

    A week later, and he was back in because of an inflamed incision. A 13 inch long incision in a puppy's abdomens, and no antibiotics had been given to him to avoid infection. When we returned to the vet's office, they tried to charge us ANOTHER 30$ for both the office visit and the antibiotics. I demanded not only that charge taken off, but I demanded the 90$ back for the hernia repair. Finally, after a lot of hassle, we received our money back, and I will NEVER go to a Banfield again. Not only did we go through 3 different vets in that one office alone, but I have NEVER met so many stupid vets in the same company as I have with Banfield.

    The nice thing about being a vet tech student is this... if you go to a vet's office for an interview and THEY haven't fired a CUSTOMER, then you should look for another job."

    BTW, they charge a seperate fee, it's like a 35$ handling fee for if your dog is "testy" and needs a second tech to restrain him for 2 seconds while they give an injection or whatever. I'm CONVINCED they charge it for every dog, no matter what. We dropped our husky off for shots, EXTREMELY calm, well behaved husky, just loved EVERYONE. Always did very well for his shots. When we picked him up, we were charged the fee.

    Now, commen sense and most teachings dictate that a larger dog (or most dogs for that matter) should have a second handler to restrain when giving injections or what not. Simply for the safety of all involved. They charge EXTRA just for doing the job PROPERLY and the way it should be done in the first place? I'm sorry, but forget that

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    we used to use banfield for all of my families dogs... at first it was great, but we finally got rid of it because of all the problems and hassle. we had a lot of problems with the vets charging for unauthorized care, doing unnecessary tests without talking to us about it first, and other shady business practices. make sure you like the vets office before you commit.. and wasn't really worth the cost of the membership fees.. there aren't that many benefits to it other than shots, initial office visit cost and an annual check up.

    EDIT: care credit is what my family uses now and it's great.. low interest line of credit for those medical emergencies, annual check ups, shots, and i believe prescriptions too

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    I've used it for my dogs and cats for years. I've had good experiences. I make it a point to stay in contact with the staff and doctors so they are very familiar with me and my animals.

    I have heard that they are not all created equal though. You should know that, though they are located in Petsmart, your plan does not travel. You are locked into the location you sign up unless you transfer your plan.

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    EDIT my other stuff didnt post, sry, here is the rest.

    I use Banfield and I really liked them. I got their puppy plan for my dog who was always sick. It covers all vet visit fees, vaccines, neuter/spay, etc.

    I loved the woman. She owned the place and worked really hard. She was kind and a good all around doctor.

    Then I had to move out of the state. I continued with my coverage because I was signed up for a year.

    I found a place and today was the first wellness check and shot day for my dog here.

    I had a HORRIBLE experience.

    I dropped my dog off at 8 am. He has bad separation anxiety but at my old vet they were SOOOO good with him.

    SO some of the questions I wrote down for the vet were, "how can i get him to gain more weight (food), and why is he thin?"

    He has all the vet paperwork from the last banfield so he knows that he was an abused puppy that had a very hard start in life. My pup could never gain weight and my last vet couldn't figure out why he wouldn't fill out.

    Well today at about 130 pm I get a call.

    "your dog is very skinny and looks TERRIBLE and sick. We think he has Valley Fever. (a disease you get from living in the desert). We need to do this test and it's 150.00 just for the test."

    I said "HOOLD ON A MINUTE. Can't you do a blood test (CBC) and wouldn't that tell you if he had it or not"

    They said "NO"

    Then I asked, "wouldn't something in the blood test come back as elevated white blood counts? I mean, that's pretty routine to look for in a blood test and that would mean infection/Valley Fever."

    They said, "oh yeah, I didn't think of that".

    So I paid the extra 45.00 to get the blood work done and declined the 150.00.

    I also asked, "how much weight did my dog lose from the last time he saw you a few months ago and now?"

    They said, "oh he gained 10 lbs"

    So then the woman calls me back at 4:00 pm and said:

    "your dog looks so great. He's not at a bad weight and seems to be gaining well. He looks pretty healthy, etc. You're doing a great job"

    I'm like WHAT?? you just told me he was sickly and needed all this testing, etc.

    So then they ask what vaccines to do today since they don't want to do all at once. I told them rabies. (He's been there since 8 am and it's 4pm and they haven't even done the one vaccine he was there for yet?)

    So I went to pick him up 10 minutes later. I say "i'm here" and they go to get him.

    Then the woman comes out and says "your dog has thrown up from the vaccine, we gave him 2 shots to counteract the reaction. I was like WHAT?? He NEVER has a problem with shots, ever.

    She said, "i guess it could have been that we muzzled him and that we kept yanking at his collar (all day)."

    I'm like WHAT THE Heck!

    So then they proceed to tell me I owe them 40.00 for the shots they just gave him and now every time i come in, they will have to charge me 20.00 and give him a shot before vaccines. They "claimed" not to give him any food/treats (very bad stomach and can't eat any treats/food" and i forgot to ask about water (throws up after drinking water and being nervous)

    So then i have to sit there for an hour and when he comes out he's crying like mad and shaking!

    I will NEVER, EVER bring him back again to that office! They were horrible with him and he was so scared. He has problems but I have never seen him act like this with anyone before!

    It's not Banfield as a whole, it's the individual places. Some are good but i hear a lot are bad! My first vet saves his life as a pup, this one is trying to screw me out of money!

    Beware with whoever you pick!


    It was a little annoying with switching the location of the plan but it was not too bad. Just had to call up and tell them the location of the place i was going to, then call the place and wait until they got the paperwork. A little bit of a hassle but nothing crazy. I will be switching again because i don't like the current location i'm using

    Edit 2

    Banfield thing i talked about above is not insurance but that is what you seemed to be leaning toward.

    Credit care is great, if you are APPROVED. It's a low interest credit card, that's all.

    If you don't have good credit, you probably won't be approved. I know many people who were declined. My MAIN exotic vet does not take it and some of my other vets don't take it. Also, at the vet that will take it, I have to have a 300.00+ bill to even apply for credit care. If I have 299 you can't apply. (at least not at my place)

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