Why is Meangless sex with another person regarded as "Cheating"?

It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman who does it, it's all the same thing. But, If a person uses sex-toys (without their partner) for sexual stimulation, that is generally NOT considered to be "Cheating". BUT... If the same person has absolutely Meaningless sex with another person, & it is Only a case of using each others bodies for that same sexual stimulation,,, suddenly That becomes "Cheating"! "WHY?" .... If that other person means no more than a sex-toy means to you, "What is the difference?" & "If it is OK with your partner for you to satisfy yourself with the use of sex-toys, then shouldn't it also be OK for you to use that person who you regard as being a sex-toy,without being accused of "Cheating!?"


...EDIT... This must be the Dumb Dumb hour going by the first 11 replies! You are a Judge-MENTAL lot & quite inaccurate. FYI, I never Cheat on my wife, nor She on I. The Question was asked to try to get people to THINK outside of the square. I DO tend to expect Too Much from people at times. I often forget that most people consider 148 to be a high IQ. To me, that is almost dead. I Do Apologize to you all for expecting you to use your brains! I really should have known better. ... BUT, Reconsider the question I asked, & Try Again! If you use logic, your answer will be entirely different. At least you will look at life with a better perspective! Oh, Thanks for all those lovely Points!! :-)

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    My dear "soul-mate" in thought....

    WO W ***** Out of 13 people only ---ONE--- ("Mann" above me) can even relate to your question and gave a decent response...which again proves that "education is the key" and he obviously has a highly developed intellect (such as you do)....-smile-

    By the way ....I just LOVE your pertinent and most appropriate comparison with the "sex-toys"...quite expedient..but what else can one expect from brilliant Mark -ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha- hy didn't I think of such a suitable comparison....it's simply excellent !!

    Now ....guess what I just thought about, since the previous 12 responses were typical for the "0-8-15"(that's what we call average, ignorant and "main-stream" thinking individuals over here) folks, who's mental capacity is limited and conditioned...(I don't mean to be disrespectful nor do I intent to denounce or insult anyone), but there should be a category here at Y/A for people who are not narrow-minded -or- "fuddy-duddy" as the majority is (and 12 out of 13 is definitely the majority)-smile-

    I mean a category for people who's horizon is broader than the "average Joe Blow's", who are open-minded and unlimited in their thinking capacity....because if we had such a "denomination" your Q. would fit into such a "special category" and you would definitely receive appropriate answers....-smile- This is just a spontaneous thought I had due to the 12 replies who could not relate to your exceptional question.

    Now...it's about time I put in my "5-cents worth" response-hahahahaha- sorry for being sooooooo elaborate in my answers, but that's just my way ....so...here we go....It is definitely NOT considered "cheating" because you simply "use" the woman for a "purpose" as you use a car for transportation...my comparison may not be as brilliant as yours, but considering that I'm missing 2 "points"...(I only reached 146)-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-

    Let me explain why I think this way.....You see...in my view a body is just a "casing"...a mantle...a shell...as the shell of a "walnut" for example....it's the INSIDE of a walnut which you value...and not the "shell"...and...if you compare it with a body...it is the INSIDE (heart, soul, etc.) what "counts" and NOT the outside casing...and a body is nothing more than a casing...so..in essence...you only use the body (shell) and NOT the inside (nut) ....ooooooooohhhhhh Lord...now I've "outdone" myself with that comparison-hahahahahahahaha-

    On the serious side...just "having sex" with a woman is simply using "a body"...so it's not cheating ! In my view..."cheating" only comes in place when you develop feelings -or- get emotionally attached to that "other person"...in essence...when you start a "relationship" with the "other person"....then one can begin with the concept of "cheating"...but NOT when you just "have sex" with another individual ! Simple as that !

    But...in order to think "my way" it takes an opened mind...a "broader horizon" and an unconventional way of thinking (which the average "Joe Blow" unfortunately doesn't have)!!! OK...enough said and explained...let me stop and give someone else a chance to express their way of thinking.....

    Sending you my liberal greetings from Germany to "Down under" (I've always wondered why they call Australia "Down under"....hmmmm...down under ..."what"??? Maybe down under "the equator"....????hmmmm...maybe you'll clear me up and educate me on that one-hahahahahaha- However...I send you all my empathy, care, concern and unconditional love...your friend...Annette***

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    From a purely practical standpoint, the more sexual partners one has, the more likely one is to catch a disease. The other partner didn't get to have the fun that went along with that risk, so they may view it as unfair.

    From an emotional standpoint, most people are not polyamorous, at least in the USA. They can't handle knowing their lover shared sexual relations with another person. I don't experience this jealousy, but everyone else I know does. This behavior runs opposite the idea of devotion, and most people want to imagine that two individuals can give one another all that they need, and devotion is the key to happiness.

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    Because sex-toys are plastic inanimate objects. You aren't making a sex-toy feel the same pleasure by using it, but you are making another human feel stimulated. When two people have sex, it's a totally different experience as opposed to with a piece of plastic. Just because it's meaningless doesn't mean it isn't a special moment because you're making each other feel good. Judging by your question, you're the type of person who just wanted to rant because your girlfriend says you're cheating when you think you aren't, and a logical answer won't make you think any differently. I just hope this defers any of the readers from cheating.

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    Let me attempt to do what the others in here could not. I will define this word "cheating". Personally, and scientifically speaking there are two types of cheating, sexual and social. Sexual would be the practice of having sex with another person other than your partner. Social would be falling in love with another person and thinking of them as your life long partner instead (this does not have to include sex). Normally people find that sexual cheating is WAY out of line. However I present the argument that they might still be in love with you (I would say loyal but then people would argue with me). I mean I would find it much worse if my partner fell in love with another man and would no longer wish to be around me. It is only natural for people to want to have sex with more than 1 individual, I mean cheating occurs in almost all primates (right now there are only 2 that scientists say are completely monogamous). However they still mate for life don't they?

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  • 10 years ago

    Not sure why, but let's try it with you. I bet you might even be a little turned on if you found out your wife/girlfriend uses a sex toy to pleasure herself, and I also bet you would be infuriated if you found out some other guy was having sex with her. Maybe it makes people feel bad about themselves because their partners need someone else to satisfy their sexual desires. Sex toys are different, hard to explain to someone, espescially someone like you. I don't even know how to explain you, you're just sort of stubborn to accept human emotions. People get mad when the people they love have sex with other people. If you don't feel the same, then there is something wrong with you.

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    Its cheating because its against the rules.

    One other difference is that even "meaningless" sex could change how much you value your partner. What if they're better in the sack than the partner? Also, what you expected to be "meaningless" could end up making you fall in love. Obviously its not really "meaningless" or you wouldnt be trying so hard to defend it and hold on to it.

  • Rita
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    A weasel is someone who probably ripped him off, or does things behind another persons back. Their usually small and scrawny too. It can also mean a snitch.

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    are you trying to make excuses for Your own infidelity and have others back your reasoning for cheating?

    cheating is considered cheating because it is simply that cheating...

    when you were in school, although you just copied someones homework it wasn't called copying it was called cheating because it was just that...

    its dishonest and disrespectful to the person who is being monogamous with you...

    and if its just meaningless why can't you express the need to have "meaningless" sex with your partner before the act is done?

  • 10 years ago

    because a toy can't think, it can't want you, the other living breathing person can, even if the want only lasts as long as the sex, plus you can get an STD from another person, you can't with a toy, & it's wrong to use someone for sex, that's like asking why is it okay to masturbate with your hand, but not f*ck another person

  • 10 years ago

    It's not cheating if both partners are okay with it.

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