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Should I take SAT subject tests before or after the AP exam?

I'm a sophomore and I took AP Chemistry and AP World History this year. I'd like to take the SAT Subject tests for both of them, but I'm unsure as to if I should take it before the AP for extra "practice" or after the exam when I have a slightly firmer grasp on the material. Advice?

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    Since the SAT subject tests are May 1, 2010 and June 5, 2010 for chemistry and World History is only on June 5th, 2010 according to the College Board's website,

    I would choose the 2nd SAT date. You will have covered a little more material by then. You will have also prepared for the AP exams prior to that and preparation will be a little easier. It may be stressful to have both sets of exams within two weeks of each other.

    What ever you do. it is important to prepare for both of the exams. The key is to find one you will work all the way through. A great book that you don't use is not nearly as good as a good book that you use throughly. The key is to work through the entire book and do all of the practice exams with the same time contraints that the real exam will have. Then check your answers. It is crucial that you spend time understanding why you get questions incorrect and why the correct answer is right. If you do this you should be in great shape.

    I have put together a collection of the best AP review books by exam at In addition to study guides, each exam has information about the exam format and links to released questions to previous exams.

    It is important to start reviewing early and not wait until the last minute this will give you time to learn any topics you are stuggling with.

    Good luck on your exams in May/June.


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    AP tests are in May, and the subject tests are administered in both May and June. Last year, I took AP Biology... I took the AP exam in May (the only time it was offered), and I took the subject test in June. I did not pick the May SAT subject test date because I knew we were not going to have been able to cover all the material by that date (it was in early May) AND I wouldn't have enough time to review everything. If you have gone through everything by the May test date and feel like you will have had ample time to review, sign up for the May test date... that way, if you're not happy with your score, you can retest in June will the info is still fresh. If, however, you do not feel prepared to take it on the May test date (I didn't), don't. The extra prep time can be really helpful.

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    It really doesn't matter. The Subject Tests are a bit more factual than the AP MC. I took the Subject Tests before I took the AP tests. I took M1 (710), M2 (770), US Hist (800), and Chem (700). I didn't take AP Chemistry though. Scores on the Subject Tests are more important than scores on AP tests.

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    I took mine after the AP exams and was happy that I waited.

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    I would say go ahead and take your subject tests, it would be good practice. :)

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