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My Jeans zipper never stays closed!!!!!!!!!?

Everyone of my jeans besides one brand, the zipper always unzips when i walk! this is really embarresing! help!!!

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    It might be a brand problem, or it might be a size problem. Is the zipper coming down because they size is too small? If not, just try to get more trusted brands of jeans, like Levi's or something. And if you do have Levi's...maybe you should check the zippers of your pants before you buy them to make sure. :)

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    some of my jeans are like that too, there was a time that i went to my friends house, i ride a cab and as i step out everyone was staring at me!!!!!!!!!! i thought i looked pretty but one girl shout at me saying that my zzipper is....you know..its really embarassing. ^^

    try replacing the zipper

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