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Does the LG Glimmer have a heat activated touch screen?

I have the Motorola Crush, and I hate the heat activated touch screen. It never works when I work out. Can somebody tell me if the LG Glimmer has a heat activated touch screen or not? Or any other "pros & cons" about the Glimmer?

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    There are no such things as heat activated touch screens on cell phones.

    Screens are either the older technology resistive screens that use a stylus like most windows mobile and old palm devices, or the newer capacitive touch screen like Android phones, palm pre/pixie, Blackberry Storm, and Iphones.

    If you want a resistive screen phone you are going to have to hurry and find one, as resistive screens are not going to be available for much longer.

    Just do a google search on "motorla crush review" without the quotes, or "Motorola crush specs" and you should be able to quickly find out if the phone has the older resistive technology, or the newer capacitive touch display. Capacitive displays have milt-touch ability, resistive displays do not. Resistive work by have 2 screens that you "mash" together with the stylus/finger/finger nail to "short" the out and determine where you are pressing. Capacitive uses the fact that living flesh has a disruptive effect on the electrical charge/characteristics of a field generated on the surface of the display.

    Not all capacitive touch displays are created equally... LG make some pretty cruddy products over-all and you can pretty much expect their displays to be laggy and buggy compared to a more modern phone... Resistive displays do to respond well/accurately to finger pressure, although if you press hard enough, they will respond. Half the problem can also be contributed to windows mobile itself on windows based phones.

    You might want to check out one of Motorla or HTC's android offerings if you want a responsive display. in the modern capacitive touch style.

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