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What is the value of K c in L/mol at this temperature ?

2NO(g) + Cl2(g) ↔ 2NOCl(g)

The above reaction has a value of K p equal to 2.00× 103 atm−1 at a 25.0 oC. What is the value of K c in L/mol at this temperature ?

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    delta n = 2 - 2 - 1 = -1

    Kp = Kc ( 0.08206 x 298 K)^-1 = Kc x 0.0409

    Kc = 2.00 x 10^3 / 0.0409=4.89 x 10^4

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    you will use in undemanding terms this eqn to unravel each and every and each question PV = nRT all you're able to do is to make effectual that the gadgets are familiar P could be in Pa a million atm = a hundred and one 325 pascals V could be in m^3 a million L = a million dm^3 a million dm^3 = (10^-a million)^3 m^3 T could be in ok Temp in ok = Temp in C + 273 R (gas consistent)= 8.31 Pa m^3/mol ok N.B. for documents given with mass use mass in g = molar mass in g/mol *mol basically shop on with the above to calculate the ans to your questions, it extremely is as eadsy as that. want this helps.

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