What will be the blowback when Harry Reid and the Dems use their nuclear option of reconciliation?

To ram government run health care down everyone's throats. And for those of you that think reconciliation is not a nuclear option, a nuclear option is a political weapon of last resort, one that could hurt the user as well. I think reconciliation to pass a massive unpopular health care bill qualifies as nuclear. I know how much you hate that word., but it fits perfectly.


The fact that the vast majority of people want health care reform does not mean they want Obamacare. The vast majority does not want Obamacare.

Update 2:

We are not a democracy. If we were we would be able to vote on this bill ourselves and it would never pass. We are a representative form of government. We elect people to make the day to day decisions.

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    1 decade ago
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    AMERICA will react...and believe me...that will be the end of the democratic party PERIOD! When you are a party that refuses to represent the people above your party then there is no reason for you to exist.

    AMERICA reacted before...and they will again. DEMS will be STUPID to do this.....and if they are too stupid to realize it...then let them see the reaction later.



    They can use this as it has happened before...but listen..let's be honest here....


    this is different than before. This is something that will RUIN AMERICA.....and if you can't see that then it is too late to talk to YOU!

    AMERICA HAS SPOKEN...the MAJORITY HAS SPOKEN...and DEMS are ignoring them. This is more than just a bill....this is a year long debate with AMERICA TAKING DRASTIC MEASURES TO StOP IT!

    Thumbing his nose to AMERICA is against ALL people.....EVERYONE!

    This is not a democrat and republican issue any longer. This is clearly an AMERICAN ISSUE! It became an American People issue when Brown was voted in. WHEN Democrats and independents who voted for him ...voted AGAINST HIM! IT ceased being against democrats and republicans THEN!

    BOZO cannot see that...and that is why the dems are doomed. They cannot be trusted to work for AMERICA and do what is right when we trusted them to speak for us and do what is right for us and NOT THEIR PARTY!

    Make no mistake...there is nothing worse than ignoring the AMERICAN people who are definitely in the MAJORITY and thumb your nose at them.

    67 PERCENT of AMERICANS ARE AGAINST THIS.....that is MASSIVE. Again as usual.....dems rewrite history and put up other numbers. MOST POLLS SAY 67 percent! To say they will forget about it? YOU ARE SO WRONG! YOU WILL NOT SAY THAT IF THEY DO THIS. AMERICA WILL NOT SIT FOR IT!

    Look at the talking points of the dems here. They are so full of koolaide they are as out of touch with reality as the celebrities of hollywood are. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • barus
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    4 years ago

    George W. Bush used to have Ted Kennedy over to the White abode searching for bi-partisan help for law. It seldom got here approximately although if it is what maximum presidents seek for before everything of their first term. One significant reason it is sought - a conservative Democrat in a conservative state may be working for re-election. Having a bill supported by making use of Republicans enables him/her win re-election. Republicans have laid out surprisingly plenty a marketplace pushed approach of wellness care reform, that's what now we've and it is not working - extreme rates, extreme priced scientific centers and a super style of people the two uninsured or below insured. Republicans see wellness care as a thank you to p.c.. up seats interior the subsequent election and it is often approximately potential; Democrats could do the comparable in the event that they weren't on top of issues. Who loses? the people lose. keep in mind, lobbyists have spent $4 hundred,000,000 attempting to derail wellness care reform. If it takes a "nuclear determination" so be it.

  • Rob71
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    1 decade ago

    He will be unemployed come 2011, along with any other Senator that votes for this abomination. Without a massive majority in the House and Senate 0bama will become a lame duck President until he is voted out in 2012. Unless he does the honorable thing and resigns before.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think if you watched the summit...It is obvious this is not government run healthcare. The only thing being forced on anyone is that they must have health insurance. This is being done to create a larger pool of people....which in turn lowers the cost and spreads out the risk to insurance companies.

    Spreading misinformation.... as fact..... serves no purpose..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    None, still none. Like I said that last few times you asked this question, the media will stop reporting on it, therefore the majority of American voters will forget it even happened. Only 52% are against reconciliation, I wouldn't call that "massively" anything.

  • Tony Z
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    1 decade ago

    There are no proposals for government run health care.

    The proposed legislation will not be rammed down anyone's throats.

    The vast majority of Americans want healthcare reform.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why was it never referred to as the "nuclear option" in the past? Just trying to scare people as usual.

  • 1 decade ago

    They realize their days are numbered. Obama and the Democrats are so desperate to lead us into socialism that they will do anything to pass this bill. Realistically, they only have till Nov. until they are voted out in mass quantities.

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    This is a democracy, and if they can pass it with the Democratic majority that would be great!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully people will refuse to pay taxes, a revolution, a challenge of unconstitutionality by the Supreme Court, or military coup.

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