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How does Obama plan to pass a HC plan that has higher taxes and more spending than the failed Senate HC bill?

"To finance the changes, President Obama proposes raising taxes even more than the Senate plan does. Under Obama's proposal, higher income workers would see their portion of the Medicare payroll rise even higher. The tax would create a marriage penalty by applying to individuals earning over $200,000 and couples earning over $250,000. When the original version of the Senate health care bill was produced, the Medicare tax on those earning over $200,000 was supposed to be 0.5 percent. In the version that passed in December, the tax had been raised to 0.9 percent. And though it hasn't even been made law yet, Obama is raising the Medicare tax for the third time, by assessing an additional 2.9 percent tax on income "from interest, dividends, annuities, royalties and rents..." This follows the historical pattern of payroll taxes, which have increased 20 times since first introduced in 1935, going from a combined total of 2 percent (including employer/employee contributions) to 12.4 percent today.

The Obama proposal would also raise the proposed tax on drug makers by $10 billion, to a combined $33 billion over 10 years, while delaying enactment by a year. It also delays enactment of the tax on medical devices and health insurers. "

Is there anything that Obama is better at than failing?

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    False, Neocon. HC bill never failed Senate, only in your misleading question.

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    to answer your final question yes, fixing an economy that has been destroyed by insane conservatives

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    Not true, pure lies.

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