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Do YOU think atheists deserve Hell?

To the point, I'm asking this of those who believe in a hell of eternal torment, and that non-belief sends a person to such a place. I'm sure others will chime in, though...and of course, that's always welcome.

Now, let me be a bit more clear: I want to know if you personally believe that being an atheist merits an eternity of torment.

Before you answer, I'm asking YOUR OPINION. So no "It doesn't matter what I think, that's the way it is" answers. Don't cop out. Think about it: Do YOU think that an atheist DESERVES Hell?

Again, no cop out answers. No "God can't be with sin" or "Atheists did it to themselves".

I'm being as clear as I can. I want to know what YOU think. Nothing else. No Bible quotes, no cop outs...if you're going to give me that, please don't bother answering.


To those who are saying "We all deserve hell"...

That is Bible regurge. Please give me YOUR answer. Look inside, and ask yourself if you think that there is a crime that warrants an ETERNITY of torment. Please, I want to know how YOU feel, not what the Bible says. I know what The Bible says.

Update 2:

Well, so far, maybe 3 answers out of 40 have actually said something that convinces me that they've looked inside their hearts and asked themselves "Does not believing in god warrant an eternity of torment?"

Seriously, it's like you people aren't even trying.

Update 3:

The apostle, yours is the worst answer I've seen yet. "Punished for breaking the law"?

Eternal punishment for a finite sin...that is like saying that for stealing a candy bar, the death penalty is appropriate. I'm asking you to be sincere, and you're giving me canned bull answers.

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    I think no, not based on that fact that one is an atheist alone (being a rude, crude, uncaring, unloving, criticizing, hateful, adulterous, murder, child molester of any religious or lack there of beliefs... you've got the picture) those are the people who deserve Hell.

    I believe that at the end of an atheists live, God will show them the answers and proof they long for.

    You asked me not to cop out. So I shall give you one that will be hated by atheists and many Christians alike, but it is what I believe. I believe God is loving, forgiving and there you have it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Cinn =)

    *EDIT* I think I got a bit carried away there.. and after contemplating I dont think adulterers deserve hell, just a swift kick in the ****.

    Hell to me is for murders, rapists, child/animal abusers.

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    first, let me define my view on "hell"

    1) The interim between death and the Resurrection where we are left to ponder our lives. Here you find either paradise or "prison"/hell as you are confronted with your life choices and the knowledge you will have of what those choices mean in the eternal perspective. This is where you will also have the opportunity to be taught the truth if you did not get the chance on earth.

    2) Hell after the Resurrection or "perdition" reserved for Satan, his angels, and a few who have committed the unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit after KNOWing of the truth)

    So I think that being "tormented" or dealing with your life choices for a temporary time is right, fair, and just.

    Eternal torment, no. Not many deserve it, not many will experience it.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints is unique in believing in different places for different people. There are three kingdoms (1 Cor. 15: 40-41): Celestial=Heaven with God, for those that followed Christ Terrestrial= Good people, non-believers telestial=usavory characters. It has been said that even the telestial is a beautiful place, just depends on who you want to associate with forever.

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    Since atheists don't believe there is a hell, this is an entirely hypothetical question. It sounds like you are really asking whether atheists should be punished for their beliefs. So I would answer, why should they, any more than anyone else should be punished for any other beliefs. Should someone who believes in white supremacy go to hell? Should everyone who does not accept the literal truth of every passage of the Bible go to hell? Should everyone who supports the Taliban go to hell? Should everyone who reads Charles Darwin go to hell? There are a lot of beliefs out there, and once we start condemning people just for holding beliefs we don't like, we are going to be condemning a lot of people. Unless those beliefs lead someone to commit an act that deserves punishment, I see no reason to punish anyone for any belief they might hold, regardless of how wrong it might be or how much I might disagree with it.

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    This is another one of those "inconsistent reasoning" items if you ask me. The xtian community goes on about an all-loving god and the nt “does-a-good-father-give-his-son-a-stone-to-eat-no-he-gives-him-bread” story and how we are to pattern our human lives/family relationships after the heavenly father.

    So what parent would send their own child to an everlasting torment for merely disagreeing with the parent’s point of view on one or more matters in life? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around an eternal hell.

    Someone on recently wrote “There is no real hell – the time spent being a xtian was punishment enough for all my sins.” THAT, I can wrap my mind around!!!

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    peaking from an atheists point of view and knowing Christianity from school, I think neither we deserve eternal paradise nor eternal torment, to say you deserve eternal paradise says you see yourself better than others it's not a reward either it's a selfish goal.

    to say you deserve eternal torment means people have either put you down and you feel like you do deserve something like this or you have committed atrocities (an example is 9/11) although yes it was completely horribly for Osama bin laden to drive people to kill countless others there is a degree when his punishment would end, many or all people in the world wish him to have eternal torment but really if he is to be punished you should make him suffer the deaths of all those that died by his hand and those who killed for him.

    now i'll just wait for something or someone to come along and argue with me and insult me

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    If Athiests were to be sent to hell because they don't believe in God, or that Jesus was the messiah, then that would also mean that Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone else belonging to a religion other than Christianity will also go to hell. If God truely does love the world, he would not forsake such a large portion of it.

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    Nope, Jesus Came to Die for everyone, also.... All haven fallen short of the Glory of God.

    God loves atheists, he doesn't hate the sinner, but he hates the sin.

    Not believing in God is not a sin, unless you already were worshiping God, and then became atheist.

    But that's why we should do like he said, and spread the news, that there is a God, and show the numerous examples why there is a God.

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    I am going to tell you what I think then back it up with a quote because it expresses very well what I believe. The quote, or quotes if there are more than one that seems to fit, will not be from the Bible.

    I think Atheists are going to get what they deserve just as much as Christians are going to get what they deserve. I think there are Atheists that are more Christian than many Christians and there are Christians who make many Atheists seem like saints by comparison. For me there is no question, no controversy. Heaven and Hell are not places but rather states of the soul. I firmly believe that when this life is over there will be Atheists who will be pleasantly surprised to find themselves in Heaven and Christians who will be shocked at finding themselves in Hell. But Heaven and Hell can also be right here on Earth.


    When asked on one occasion: "What is a Bahá'í?" 'Abdu'l-Bahá replied: "To be a Bahá'í simply means to love all the world; to love humanity and try to serve it; to work for universal peace and universal brotherhood." On another occasion He defined a Bahá'í as "one endowed with all the perfections of man in activity." In one of His London talks He said that a man may be a Bahá'í even if He has never heard the name of Bahá'u'lláh. He added: --

    The man who lives the life according to the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh is already a Bahá'í. On the other hand, a man may call himself a Bahá'í for fifty years, and if he does not live the life he is not a Bahá'í. An ugly man may call himself handsome, but he deceives no one, and a black man may call himself white, yet he deceives no one, not even himself.

    (Dr. J.E. Esslemont, Baha'u'llah and the New Era, p. 71)

    The immortality of the spirit is mentioned in the Holy Books; it is the fundamental basis of the divine religions. Now punishments and rewards are said to be of two kinds. Firstly, the rewards and punishments of this life; secondly, those of the other world. But the paradise and hell of existence are found in all the worlds of God, whether in this world or in the spiritual heavenly worlds.

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i World Faith - Abdu'l-Baha Section, p. 323)

    The Jews await the Messiah, the Christians the return of Christ, the Moslems the Mahdi, the Buddhists the fifth Buddha, the Zoroastrians Shah Bahram, the Hindus the reincarnation of Krishna, and the Atheists - a better social organization! Baha'u'llah represents all these, and thus destroys the rivalries and the enmities of the different religions; reconciles them in their primitive purity, and frees them from the corruption of dogmas and rites. For the Baha'i Faith has no clergy, no religious ceremonial, no public prayers; its only dogma is belief in God and in his Manifestations (Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, et al., Baha'u'llah).

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Tablets of Abdu'l-Baha v1, p. vii)

    Source(s): The first link is a statement on world peace
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    There is only one judge, Christ Jesus. However, my opinion is that no one deserves to suffer an eternity in Hell,but again I'm not the judge and no one in this world is.As a Christian I have to be concerned that a person who has refused to receive the Gospel message, is truly in a dangerous position for judgement and whats worse punishment.

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    Some certainly. Hitler, Mao, Stalin. Who would doubt that in public and risk being bludgeoned to death by otherwise gentle people.

    If you are responsible for your atheism, you have no ground to stand on. Maybe your prayers, or example, or moral stands would have made a huge difference in the world.

    Hell has levels and the punishment fits the crime. If you haven't read Dante you are just baiting people.

    Anyway, the same Bible and Jesus that tells you there is certainly a Hell also says that God is just and merciful. To believe in Hell and ignore the rest is inexplicable to me.

    • Joseph5 years agoReport

      um hitler was chritian plus remeber all those religous wars started by christains i officially decalre you have no brain it's just true

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