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Huge Hanley for 4 solid players fantasy deal HUGE!!!?

I GIVE: Hanley Ramirez, Kevin Youkolis, A.J Pierzynski and Orlando Hudson

I GET: Victor Martinez, Derrick Lee, Aaron hill and Yunel Escobar

My current squad is the following..

Its a 10 team H2H



C: A.J Pierzynski

1B: Kevin Youkolis

2B: Orlando Hudson

3B: Ryan Zimmerman

SS: Hanley Ramirez

OF: Matt Holliday, Adam Lind, Shane Victorino

UTL: Adam Jones, Raul Ibaniez, Hunnter Pence

BN: Erick Aybar and Martin Prado

SP: C.C Sabathia, Ubaldo Jiminez, Josh Johnson, Chad Billingsley, Randy Wolf, J.A Happ, Joe Blanton, Mark Buehrle, Randy Wells

RP: Jonathan Papelbon, Francisco Cordero, Trevor Hoffman, David Aardsma

Do i accept it or reject it ( HE SENT IT TO ME)

So what do i do??

I get way better At C and 2B

Youk and lee i find are almost the same but Lee more power

And Hanley is obviously better then Excobar


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    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hanley Ramirez is just too good of a player plus your giving up kevin youkolis who has the potential to have a better season than victor martinez and aaron hill !!!! the bottom line is that you can get a mucher better package deal than that!! i know you really need a better catcher and second baseman but its not worth trading your best player, also even if u were dumb enough to get victor martinez, then u wouldnt have a good shortstop anymore. the only weaknesses in your team is your catcher, second baseman, and lack of speed. i would drop prado and see if carlos gomez is available bc he will get you over 40 steals!!! also, HERES SOME GREAT ADVICE: dont trade any of your top players for a catcher, most high quality catchers end up being busts anyhow. pick up chris iannetta, dont tell anyone this but he is the biggest sleeper this year why? because he is a catcher and is going to hit over 20 homers!!! if somebody owns him, then do anything you can to trade for him. your toughest job as the owner of your team is to somehow acquire a very good second baseman- they are not easy to find off free agency. a second baseman you dont have to give alot up for is dan uggla, he is an average-killer but your other good hitters will make up for it, uggla has the potential to hit over 30 home runs and that is extremely rare for a second baseman aaron hill is good too but youll have to give up too much for him. THIS IS IMPORTANT: you have a great outfield so if your going to take my advice and just trade for an elite 2B instead of a 2B and a catcher, then use your outfielders as trade bait. i think jones, pence, and lind are all slightly over rated so you can use them to get u ian kinsler or dan uggla, those are my 2 favorite second baseman. here are my top 10 sleepers: 1 chris iannetta, 2 josh hamilton, 3 carlos quentin, 4 carlos gomez, 5 ian kennedy, 6 erik bedard, 7 david price, 8 francisco liriano, 9 edwin jackson, 10 phil hughes!!! try to get those guys if theyre available on FA or open for trading!!! the only players that u shouldnt even have on your team are: prado, wolf, wells, and blanton!!! GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON!

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    No way! Don't accept this trade.

    You need to focus more on what you are giving up in the trade: Hanley Ramirez! The improvement in your C and 2B positions doesn't justify the loss at SS. Escobar is a nice player and should improve on his numbers from last year but he is not close to the level of Ramirez. And two of the players you are getting, Lee & Martinez, are a little bit of an injury risk.

    If he wants Ramirez he needs to sweeten the deal.

    BTW, I often try to trade my 1st round pick for someone else's 2nd, 3rd, & 4th round picks. It is never accepted but it often leads to some interesting counter-offers.

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    I think you should go for it. You get huge upgrades in shortstop and second base, and a big downgrade in shortstop. Your first baseman remain about the same. The thing with this trade is that it makes your team more stable. Hudson is not a reliable second baseman to be starting day-to-day, but Aaron Hill is. Pierzynski can hit for average, but not much else. V-Mart is probably the second best offensive catcher out there and will play in the hitter friendly Red Sox lineup. Accept this deal.

    After accepting this deal, you'll want to get some players who have speed. After trading away Han-Ram, you won't have many base stealers in your lineup.

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    you have become the better end of the deal. Halladay is on the factor of Santana and getting Snell as a throw-in is a thieve. Damon in on the excellent lineup and is specific to have stud leadoff numbers. Hafner i observed in many web content before everything of the season to be the famous for AL MVP. i desire you have yet another stud steals guy yet its a commerce i could make if I have been you. i'm merely injury in steals yet advance in diverse categories. Make the deal now!!

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