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how would you rank my COMPUTER SECURITY?

okay, this is the set up my boyfriend has on my computer, just looking for input, rank it from 1 to 10, 10 being tops.

avira anti-vir

malwarebytes antimalware ( paid version w/ real time )

comodo firewall w/ defense plus

firefox 3 w/ adblock plus ( i love ) noscript ( annoying but serves a purpose ) wot ( love it

superantispyware free edition

asquared free

the top 2 are just on demand scanners ( he tol MB's paid version is better than superanti's )

ccleaner, glary utilities

secunia psi

the thing is, it isn't just for me, but our son uses this pc as well and we want good security, how would you rank it?

we use windows 7 and a brand new dlink router as well. he says a good hardware firewall adds to it.


JJ WTF are you talking about?? tard

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    Looks quite good, especially the Firefox setup.

    Without knowing all your other config's, a solid 9.

    Note on "NoScript":

    To reduce it's somewhat nagging nature, try these settings:

    Click the "S" icon in lower right corner of browser> Options>

    Appearance tab, check: Status bar icon; contextual menus; Allow[...]; Temporarily allow; Mark ... as Untrusted.

    Notifications tab: here, uncheck all boxes except "Clear click warning".

    The "Display the release notes..." will take Firefox to the NS site & the notes about the latest update (not needed but good to know about current exploits).

    Others can be added/removed once you get use to how NS works.

    As scripted assets are encountered (for any given website), mark them as "untrusted" from the "S" icon. That will "build" a block list and stop it when encountered.

    It's noteworthy that a lot of the rubbish encountered (especially ads) will change their names, in order to get around consumer filtering perimeters, so always keep current with updates.

    This dynamic aspect of the Internet demands vigilance.

    On another aspect:

    If you have a juvenile accessing the same unit that you use for Internet e-commerce (of any nature): that can be trouble brewing.

    Best advice would be to have a bootable Linux (Ubuntu is dandy) for those financial transactions, and Windows for all the other browsing.

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    Yes, your boyfriend has made a very good setup here; you needn't worry. Here are my thoughts:

    Avira is a very effective anti-virus program (about 98% effective). It is sometimes said that it is not very easy to use, but if you are happy with it that's fine.

    Malware Bytes Anti-Malware is useful as Avira Free doesn't protect you from spyware, which MBAM does. In fact, it includes protection for lots of different types of malware, including trojans and worms.

    Comodo Firewall is often regarded as the best software firewall you can have, but as your router has one, there is no need for Comodo Firewall so I suggest you get rid of it, as it may use up quite a bit of RAM and slow down your computer.

    Since the basis of what you need for computer security is virus protection, spyware protection and a firewall, all of which I mentioned above, the other programs are not very necessary. I don't want to say get rid of these, but it can be quite dangerous to have several security programs. You just need to remember that you shouldn't scan for spyware in two programs at the same time, and that although they are sometimes helpful, you shouldn't use registry cleaners like CCleaner regularly.

    Finally, I recommend reading this article about free security software:

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    I wouldn't change anything. By the way, someone suggested Microsoft Security Essentials. That slowed my computer to a crawl, I got rid of it next morning.

    You get 9 out of 10 from me, there's always room for improvement although I can't find any right now.

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    just a note,

    ccleaner is called crap cleaner, it cleans the temp files, mru's, history and other useless files,

    it is not primarily a registry cleaner - but it does have one integrated,

    its also a useful start up manager as well,

    there is no basis in fact for having multiple ad/spyware cleaners on a pc, i have quite a few on mine and i work for a large pc company - its good practice as one can miss what another picks up.

    if you want real security without the aqnnoyance of malware programs then try linux - its free and do everything that windows can and more

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    4. a 4 because well go to your control panel and add or remove hardware. go to the name of your security and delete it. i have one that is stronger and better affective to its user. in a good way i have it. go to

    and click download and click run and run. it will finish and when it does click the little castle like thing on the bottom of the screen. click open and settings and default actions. then all of the options should say remove. if not make them all say remove and then click save settings.

    and BAM there you go the strongest security system known to man computer! hahaha!

    more questions? e-mail me at

    and seriously it is the strongest and i have it.

    Source(s): me. i found it.
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    Seems good! The only change I would make is to get rid of Avira and use Microsoft Security Essentials because its free, doesnt slow down your computer, and doesnt have the ads that Avira has. Ranks high too on catching viruses and malware. You can download it here:

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    far to much over kill that is going to slow your performance down . no reason to have both malwarebytes , superantispyware and a squared . all are great products . but using all 3 is not going to better protect you . of the 3 I would use A Squared sure it is a slower scan . bat damn does it do a good job same with CCleaner and Glary both do pretty much the same thing and is over kill

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    Sounds all right. I'll give it 9.

    A suggestion - get something to monitor Windows processes. I use Fileinspect sidebar gadget myself. It will tell you if some processes are consuming too much CPU or RAM. And it's free:

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    Any Windoze can be hacked... so I give you a 3 (good that you are using Firefox).

    Get Linux, it's much better and it's free.

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