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What are your thoughts about Canada's women hockey team smoking cigars,and drinking beer on the ice ?

Shortly after winning the game,the women were photographed smoking cigars,and drinking bottles of beer and skating on the ice as part of their celebration for winning the gold medal round.Any thoughts? Opinions?

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    I've read a lot about this, and arguments on both sides. First, I believe that they should of course be allowed to celebrate. They just won the gold medal in their own country, and it's their national sport. However, they were expected to win all along; their only true competition at all was the US so It's not like an extraordinary feat, and so the "over the top" celebration to me seemed very unsportsmanlike. My issue though was not the celebration, but that it was done on the ice when there we still people/media around. They should have kept it in the locker room. It's unfortunate that the media got a hold of it, but that's what the media does. Whether, or not, the IOC has a right to say how athletes act on their own time is debatable, but it's not new. This team is not being singled out.

    Also, I have heard comments from some that believe they should be stripped of their medals. This is ridiculous. They earned them and people have done a lot worse and not been stripped, so that's not going to happen.

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    No, they should not have to lose or replay for the gold The team and coaches much of knew about the snowboarder that was asked by the international Olympic Committee What they did was wrong on the ice and wearing the medals Like the snowboarder, they should leave and not go to the closing ceremony That seem to be the price to pay for not behaving in a way the international committee likes When the snowboarder heard they were looking into it, he left on his own, so it would not be a big thing Maybe the hockey team should do the same, and not wait to be asked

  • Wow...hockey players having a few pops after winning a big game...I have no idea of what you speak of.

    Bob Nicholson (head of Hockey Canada) should put pen to paper, and write something like this:

    Dear IOC,

    We're super-duper sorry about our women's team celebrating on the ice after the medal ceremony with beer, champagne and cigars.

    We would never, ever want the IOC's stirling reputation for being the epitome of morality to be in any way harmed by this event.

    Yours in Hockey Excellence,


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    I think it is wrong for the media or the over sensitive Olympic committee to even bring this to the attention of the general public. They waited until the arena was cleared before they started that celebration and only a capitolistic media allowed a private moment to become very public. I imagine every medal is met with some sort of celebration and many of those are done with some kind of booze or cigars (or "other" forms of smoking). Maybe a poor choice of venue for the girls because of the people in the building who dont mind selling out what should only be a positive but if the joy of victory can no longer be celebrated without intense scrutiny what is the point of competition in the first place. I think the media who exposed this were as wrong as the girls themselves....it was a huge moment for them and they waited for what should have been a fairly private time to break out the celebration. The IOC needs to realize the work that goes into something deserves some sort of celebration and lighten up....so 1 18 year old drank a beer.....because that has never happened before!

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  • If it wasn't for the stupid media and some stupid people on here nobody would have known! What a crock! They just won Gold at home! It wasn't like they did this in Salt Lake or anything like that! Sour grapes is what this is...nothing but sour grapes and people with nothing better to do!

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    I nam all for celebrating all the hard work

    that the women did over the last 4 years to win gold.

    My problem is their choice of location for the celebration:

    Namely the barn.

    They should have taken it to the privacy of the hotel room.

    You don't like the bad publicity?

    Don't do this in front of the media,

    like they did not know it would be made public,yeah,right.

    Living 4 Him

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    it's their celebration. they shouldn't have to change their actions for a bunch of photographers.

    they made an effort to do it on THEIR time, and not be blatant or disrespectful about it. i don't want to hear the excuse "bad example for kids". kids are aware of both substances (and other potentially abused vices) thru other kids, and it is eventually linked to an adult. it's not like some kid saw alcohol and tobacco for the first time (and was automatically scarred for life) because of their actions. (because then how would they recognize it, if they had never seen it.)

    how one country decides to reprimand their athlete(s) doesn't mean every country has to follow suit. enough w/ the "double standard" crap. besides, Lago can do whatever he wants. again, he is celebrating. it's the photographers' fault that we've even heard about it.

    and GASP, i can't believe that those Canadian women hockey players at age 18 were the only ones drinking alcohol in the whole country last night. come on people. think, and lighten up.

    the celebration was fine, and 99% of us wouldn't even be talking about it, were it not for the media. don't bite on the media hook so easily.

    henry david, "i love your" attempt to "answer", that implies that i was implying that it's ok. i never said that. wrong implication. wrong generalization. you guessed wrong. i'll break it down for you. my point is that this is a GREY issue. not black and white. is it "wrong"? sure. there is a rule. authorities have to choose their battles. do YOU want to be the cop who "arrests" them? or issues a citation? does the IOC really want to get in the business of adjudicating post celebration activities? does Canada really want to formally discipline the team? or just the "offending" members? coaches? how about assistant coaches? trainer? "water boy/girl"? equipment manager? is it really worth it? is it worth the risk? i don't know. you don't either. we're speculating. i said that in order to make people stop and think. you just blurted out the first thing in your head. and you guessed wrong. you're right in that it's not "ok". but NOW what do you do? does every single violation of every single rule need to be addressed for all time? welcome to reality and the world of grey.

    furthermore, what true end-result purpose would any disciplinary action actually serve? it won't rewrite the past. the celebration already took place. i don't think they regret their actions. (even if they DO make a fake apology). future teams are going to consider similar actions. so now all you would've done is continued the vicious, media-hyped cycle and made a bigger story out of a non-story. smart. you have a future in politics. might want to change the avatar. it's not a good match.

    cameras are in the locker room too. why do four walls suddenly make it "ok"? underage drinking in a hotel room is also wrong by your hypersensitive attention to detail on "law". nice contradiction. impressive.

    by the way, the "example for kids" argument is weak. any kid who doesn't have parents smart enough, or caring enough to pre-educate their kids not to be stupid and spineless enough to mimic everything they see on the TV, is already doomed for failure, because their parents (or guardian) is FAILING. if you can't teach your kids to make conscious judgments for themselves that lead to "healthy" lifestyles, than LOOK in the mirror and stop blaming the media and the object that they choose. shame on the parents. not the kids. not the media. not the "celebrities". the only thing that makes a celebrity is that people choose to unnecessarily track them and/or worship them. morons!

    Rhonda, they DID know the media would be around. they just CHOSE to take the risk. i.e. they didn't care. and neither should we. or any authority. hey, you type a lot like Kings Kid 4 Him. and sometimes even sign your posts that way. interesting decision.

    Source(s): (looking forward to the inevitable departure of the forum's bandwagon hyper-nationalism and/or hockey ignorant riffraff in the next few days. at least the average IQ will jump from 75 to 85. if only a few outliers can leave we might even be able to reach 100.)
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    I love some of these answers, especially the ones that say these weren't the only 18-year-olds having a drink. Like that somehow makes it OK.

    Take it to the locker room, or back to the hotel.

  • Anonymous
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    They won the Gold, let them party. The IOC is not the the benchmark for morality and ethics.

  • 1 decade ago

    The beer is okay, I guess.

    But I think tabacco use is a bad example for young people

    Also, beer and cigars really do not pair well. I'd much prefer port and a cigar or brandy and a cigar

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