Northumbria U 的 degree可以做政府工嗎?

請問持Northumbria University的學位是否等同香港之學位, 可以做政府工?

有無人可以send政府認可之oversea university名單給我?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on whether the degree is a complete one or a top up degree. If it is a complete degree, i.e. you take a 3-year full time course (or its part time equivalent), then there should not be any problem.

    If it is a top up degree, it will depend largely on the personal background before taking the top up degree program.

    Please note that the Government normally does not recognise any overseas degree automatically, even that of Harvard University! You need to request for an assessment individually by the HKCAAVQ.

    The situation may change in few years' time as the HKCAAVQ is developing a qualificaton framework.

    If you are not aim at government jobs, it makes little difference as the Northumbria is definitely a recognized university.

    Note : An Australian university has its degree programs accredited by the HKCAAVAQ. You may wish to check for it as well.

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