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What is a coading speed test on asvab?what will i need to know?

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    The Coding Speed test contains 84 test questions to see how quickly and accurately you can find a number in the table. At the top of each section is a number table, or "key." The key is a group of words with a code number for each word. Each item in the test is a word taken from the key at the top of that page. From among the possible answers listed for each item, find the one that is the code number for that word.

    This is a speed test, so work as fast as you can to determine your answers without making mistakes.

    Example Key: green : 2715 hat:1413 man:3451 salt 4586 room: 2846

    Example Question: room A)2715 B)3451 C)2846 D)4586 E)1413

    Correct answer: C

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    Asvab Coding Speed

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    OMGGGGG! That game was awesome but it drove me crazy! I only got to the pink, grrr, I really wanted to get farther but I would try and try and it just stopped liking me. LOL! Anyhow, really awesome game! Although it drove me nuts. ♥

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