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US (particularly USMC) involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc around 2014?

Hello. I am a 25 year old final year medical doctorate(MD) student specializing in orthopedic surgery-which includes emergency/trauma...on a US Navy scholarship. I didn't take the scholarship just for a free ride to school, as military doctors make less money than civilian doctors. Nevertheless, I wanted to serve at least four years before I make my way into the comforts of civilian practice.

During these four years I could be stationed at militaryl hospitals/clinics/ships in the US, at sea...or deployed abroad. I will not be serving as a General Medical Officer but will be going straight to a 4 paid internship/residency, after which I can practice medicine without senior supervision and be deployed.

**Certainily, I am not wishing for war forever, but do you think there will be military conflict in that area around 2014?**

I've already researched some from independent sources outside of the mass media. Perhaps some veterans and current service members could comment on what you think the situation is?

I've always been interested in surgery on our troops. I particularly chose the US Navy because I know the Navy Medical Corp officially serves the Marines, and Marines typically deploy firstand are assigned to more "narrow"mission I right?

I've studied reports and xrays of Marine wounds/casualties.They are extermely complicated and rarely seen in civilian hospitals are now being used in school textbooks- and I enjoy solving complicated cases. Surgery has been a passion since I disected a frog in 9th grade. Navy surgeons sometimes help out at Army hospitals in the US and abroad, so I of both worlds.

Again, please don't think that I am craving for war and bloodshed. They are inevitable.


PS Marines are some of the most hardcore fighters out there. Got two USMC veteran friends. In my extremely watered down "officer indoctrination school" course I was briefly shown how to use a pistol and rifle. They both taught me a little more, although there's probably a snowball's chance in Hell I'd even have to use a sidearm/pistol,

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    First, let me thank you for you dedication both to humanity and to the US. As for my predictions of U.S. military activity in 2014, I'm going to say that yes, we as a country will still be involved in some sort of conflict. I can't even attempt to guess at the exact future four years from now, but if the power dynamic of the world remains relatively the same, I think that we will still be dealing with the Middle East (specifically the defense of Israel and the suppression of Iranian offensives). The Korean War also continues to loom as a potential problem for the U.S. as it remains unresolved and seems unlikely to ever be courtesy of North Korea's continuing instability and militant aggresion towards South Korea.

    Best of luck with becoming a corpsman.

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