help with an audition song?

i am a girl auditioning for rent and i have no idea what to sing. if it gives you any idea of what's in my range, for past auditions i've sang criminal by fiona apple, take me or leave me from rent, and jasey rae by all time low; just a few examples. i would like to do a more upbeat song for it and it doesn't matter to me if it's broadway or not. just don't suggest songs from the show. right now i'm looking at songs from the musical hair. please suggest anything you know of that would help me with this.


we are allowed to sing pop and rock songs it has been stated by the director.

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    Don't sing pop/rock songs for musical auditions unless the audition notice specifically asks for one. There are plenty of rock musicals that you can sing instead.

    Try something from Aida. My Strongest Suit is great and very funny and upbeat, and its similar in style to Rent.

    Something from Hair is also a good choice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have to disagree with porcelain.dolly. Every class and audition experience I've had has taught me to sing something in the style of the show - whether it's from a musical or not. RENT was one of the first musicals of it's type - rock/pop opera - and that's exactly what the style is! Don't be afraid to sing a rock song, especially one from the mid 1980's - mid 1990's. Look at Pat Benatar or Heart or things like that.

    If you want to sing something from a musical, look for something in the same style. I think something from "Hair" would be alright, also "The Who's Tommy", some of Stephen Schwartz's stuff (NOT WICKED), and also some of Elton John's musical work (I don't think "Strongest Suit" is a good audition song - there's too many parts to it. A cool idea would be to do a female version of "Fortune Favors the Brave" from would definitely stand out!).

    Hope this helps!!

    Source(s): BFA in Musical Theatre
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  • 1 decade ago

    you should sing "already gone" by kelly klarkson its so cool and its really easy to learn

    :) :D look it up on youtube

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