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Bruce Boudreau compares Mike Green to Paul Coffey?

Here are some of Mike Green's thoughts after he watched Canada-Russia on Wednesday, and Coach Bruce Boudreau's reaction:

MG: "I obviously idolize those guys that are out there, wish I was there, but more importantly I just hope Canada wins," he said. "My time will come."

BB: "He's handled it privately but he's been so professional out here," said Coach Bruce Boudreau about Mike Green missing the cut for Canada's Olympic hockey team. "Mike wants to win a Stanley Cup...Paul Coffey never got the recognition until he was in the Hall of Fame of how great he was. Mike's similar, except I think he's better defensively."

All I know about Paul Coffey was that he was one of the best offensive defensemen ever, but what is this about Coffey never getting the recognition he deserves?

3-time Norris Memorial Trophy winner— 1985, 1986, 1995

4-time NHL First All-Star Team — 1985, 1986, 1989, 1995

4-time NHL Second All-Star Team — 1982, 1983, 1984, 1990

4-time Stanley Cup Champion: 1984, 1985, 1987 (Edmonton); 1991 (Pittsburgh)

Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004

Second all-time among NHL defensemen in career goals, assists, and points

And what about comparing Mike Green to Paul Coffey? I'm wary of anyone saying Green is better than so-and-so defensively...is this comparison accurate? Coffey was a three-time Norris Trophy winner, but (tell me what you think of this) I have the impression that scoring stats for defensemen used to play a much larger role in winning the Norris Trophy than nowadays. Coffey came before my time so I thought others would be able to compare him to Green more effectively.


To be fair, I know Mike Green is working hard on improving on the defensive end and limiting his mistakes. That is why his goal-scoring is down this year. I feel that if Mike Green played ten years ago, he would have won the Norris Trophy by now. In my opinion, scoring defensemen were favored more for the Norris Trophy back then. Now, it is truly an award for best all-round defenseman.

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    The prime of Paul Coffey's career was before my time, but as an avid Pens fan, (I know, those are like UFOs: you hear about them but you never see them) I own a book about the Penguins' history and have read about the details that made Coffey a legend. I think a legend is more than just a great player. Mike Green could end up being a really good player, but how will he rank among the greats, let alone land himself as a legend?

    I'll give you an example of an anecdote about a legend. One of the things I remember reading about Coffey is about his skates. Man, his feet must have hurt. I didn't want to misquote and/or misinform you, and I don't really feel like digging for my book at this late hour, so here is a quote about it from Wikipedia:

    "Coffey preferred his skates to fit as tightly as possible, and wore two sizes smaller than his shoes. They were tied with two sets of laces, one laced from the bottom to half way up, and the other from the halfway point to the top. The skates were so tight that rather than untying them trainers cut the laces to remove his skates after every game. Also, he preferred to grind the blades of his skates to a very dull finish resulting in him "gliding" over the surface of the ice."

    Coffey probably isn't ranked as one of the top 5 NHL defensemen of all-time by most hockey experts, but I just don't see Green making that top 5 either. What you'll see and hear mentioned most when it comes to praise of Coffey is his skating ability. Meanwhile, according to Bob Nicholson, Green doesn't have the mobility the other defensemen on Team Canada right now have.

    Perhaps Green IS better than Coffey defensively. Coffey was one of the best offensive defensemen, where Ray Bourque or Nicklas Lidstrom are better defensive defensemen. However, Coffey played for an Edmonton Oilers team that had the "offense is the best defense" attitude and despite how good he looks offensively right now, I don't think Green can measure up to Coffey offensively. Coffey wasn't as good as Bobby Orr at skating the puck from one end to the other and scoring, but he beat Orr's record for "most goals scored in a season by a defenseman" anyway.

    Just a tip: like me, if a player was before your time, you can certainly do some research to educate yourself. With a quick search, I can show you that Coffey won the Norris Trophy around the SAME time period of years that Ray Bourque and Chris Chelios won it, and they were both more defensive defensemen than Coffey. Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Norris_Memorial...

    Hope this helped.

    Source(s): Penguins fan. Pittsburgh native & resident. How I learned about Paul Coffey: Hockey books. Hockey footage. My father & stepfather, who are both long-time Penguins fans and saw Coffey play on TV and live. Lastly, Yahoo! Answers users (in the order I learned from) PuckDat, Zamdriver, Lubers, LITY. Again... if you need to validate my information/opinions, do some research for yourself! :)
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    I'm a HUGE Green fan (see avatar), but I agree that this was a little over the top. Mike Green is young though and he will have awards and recognition yet before he retires. I think they are different players - but no one is Coffey - what a smooth skater. Green is incredible to watch - he is fantastic carrying the puck, but his skating is different to watch. I also think Coffey was recognized as great while he played.

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    there's no reason for him to look after eco-friendly. he's been particularly terrible. i don't be responsive to why each and all of the Caps followers like him, they do no longer choose anymore offense, they choose solid protection which eco-friendly does not do. he's had perchance one or 2 solid photos interior the sequence, yet you don't be conscious him defensively till he's coughing up the p.c.. interior the impartial zone or letting it roll out of the offensive zone. Even interior the commonplace season, Semin's a participant who can pass MIA for video games at a time, yet whilst he performs nicely, he performs particularly nicely. i've got seen him knock the p.c.. away cleanly on dives a pair situations this sequence on what could have been breakaways, which already makes him enjoying greater suited defensively than eco-friendly. He additionally leads Capitals gamers in photos on internet, Semin wasn't very solid the 1st few video games, yet he's grew to become it on the previous 2-3 video games and isn't any longer the project, in spite of if that is not ordinary that he hasn't grew to become the easy on yet. additionally, i think of Boudreau needs to play Theo next game. there's no excuse for letting 2 targets interior the 1st 10 minutes interior the sport, in consecutive playoff video games. That 0.33 purpose replaced right into a susceptible one too, he confronted approximately 20 photos in this evening's game, their protection isn't stellar yet it particularly is achievable.

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