How to get people to pitch in for a baby shower?

My friend and I are in a mom's group. She is pregnant. She'd like to have a baby shower. And I offered to give her one. But I don't want to host this myself because of the cost. How do I get someone else to co-host and can I ask people to bring a side dish if I make the main dish? The other moms have known her longer than I have. So I'm a little surprised that noone has mentioned having a shower for her. Help!


No relatives close by. And I'm probably her closest friend even though she's known the other spouses longer.

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    On the invitation you can mention it's a potlock, and then list the following. If the person's last name starts with an A-F they need to bring a desert, G-L-salad, M-Q-drinks (soda, juice, water bottles), R-Z-side dish then you provide the main dish.

    Babyshowers really don't have to cost a lot, a good way to save on expenses is skip all the disposable decorations. Those congratulations signs are the party store may be cute, but are they necessary? Thinking like that will save a bundle. You can decorate with a lot of stuff in your home, for instance bring some of your candles from home etc.

    Another thing you can do is have a party at about two in the afternoon so you don't have to provide food. Get a large cake at costco for $15, couple things of juice and you're set.

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    Does your friend has sisters, aunties, her mum that are coming? Maybe they're willing to help with the shower.

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