How can I increase my DPS to the max in WOW?

I'm a troll hunter in WOW and my dps is pretty low some times. I'm a level 80 and it's embarrassing. I would like to know what can I do to increase my dps. Is it just better gear because I have many epics for level 80 and weapons to. What is it that i'm missing?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What plays a large role in WoW is partially gear but its a better rotation more than anything that helps you top the charts. What you need to do is go to one of the training dummies and see what fits. or u can also google specs and talents for your hunter and see what other are doin to maximize their dps

    (80 Warrior/80 Shaman)

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  • franny
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    3 years ago

    Wow sturdy solutions anybody.. /sarcasm? those are the two maximum overpowered instructions precise now. They the two have particularly speedy heals or warm (therapeutic over the years) which could completely heal them with almost no mana fee. Druids are somewhat versetile. no remember what spec they are they hit confusing and heal for many. the means to stealth is amazingly efficient in pvp, and to grow to be dire undergo style and carry your armor is functional against warriors and rogues. they have stuns, bashes and decelerate strikes which could rape the different instructions. Moonfire spamming is likewise somewhat sturdy in the event that they have low wellness. Shamans are loopy by way of fact of all their instantaneous forged. they are merely like a mage merely without the solid circumstances. the means to have a safeguard will develop armor by making use of almost double and their speedy heal makes them take 20 min to take very own 1v1. Shamans additionally get pets around sixty 8, so interior the 70 bg's they are invincible. they might merely save casting Frostshock and that they're going to kill anybody. Shamans have better spells, yet druids can placed 3 warm's on themselves so as quickly as they are hit their wellness is going back up. somewhat those 2 instructions are the excellent in PvP on the 2nd. I actual have considered shamans and druids each and each very own Warlocks in battlegrounds like they weren't something.. Taurens are superb for the two, they get conflict stomp which will help lots in BG's, and 5% greater wellness, thats like a skills tier lol.

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