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For those that watched the health care summit, did the summit change your mind?

I watched the summit to learn more about the issue. I found that this is a bill that can't be done incrementally and has changed my mind. I came to realize that something has to be done quickly and Obama was right when at the end of the summit he told everyone in the room that this legislation can't wait another year and a half.

I also realized that the health care problem is more than just cost and coverage. It's about deficits and quality of life. Where the Republican plan falls through is that they have no plan to help out the low income people. So, I came to the realization that the Republicans are segregating the population with health care reform.

So, I think amending the current plan is the way to go. Just strip out the pork, add amendments that both sides agree on and pass the legislation.

What do you think?

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    I also agree that something needs to be done soon, but I also agree with what one of the Senators said..that coverage doesn't mean care. I understand both sides...the poor uninsured need help and those already insured shouldn't have to pay for others or have their own care messed with. I honestly do not think there is a fair solution.

  • TedEx
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    Yes, it made me change my mind. Due to weather and this being a day off, I stayed home and started to watch it.

    I didn;t just change my mind, I changed channels.

    When Obama told John McCain. " the campaign is over" I thought, , " yea, rignt! Then Obama, quit campaigning against president Bush."

    I agree,. it's about defecits and quality of life, but this looked more like a Ringling Brothers circus act more than a debate among intelligent people. If we want this done right, then have congress keep out of it. Get a group of Business professors,consultants, insurance exzecutives, actuaries , bankers, doctors, hospital managers, etc together and come up with something that works.

    Otherwise, I think we'll have an insurance version of Homerland Security on our hands.

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    What he fails to take into account is how this will lower the quality of life for many young people who will have to opt for buying health insurance over a home. Mandatory health insurance will take many options away from people. When my family was young we didn't have health insurance for 13 years. We just paid for it as we went. We spent the money that might have gone for health care on our home. $15k per year for a family of 4 is a huge chuck of most people's income. I think it is very unrealistic.

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    It replaced into on television all day, yet each and all of the media likes is soundbytes. One rationalization why they're plastering the "we are no longer campaigning" quote throughout. no longer the climate the place they have been given something achieved. The media likes conflict, no longer substance.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think it's sad the way people talk about our president thank God you live in the USA

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    neither side will allow the stripping of the pork. on the repub website, they had over 70 proposals posted. obama refuses to listen to them, and insists on his way. i feel that it is way too expensive with either party's plan

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    something must be done, repubs are trying to pick up votes, after demonizing reform

  • Nope. All obama and the dems did was lie and the president act like a big jackass to the republicans.

  • 10 years ago

    They used the same tactics with Kyoto We did not buy that B/s than nor do we buy this crap ''ho we must ratify or all die''

    It's too the point I pay no attention to liberals

  • pooks
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    10 years ago

    anyone who's mind was changed by that circus should have their head examined.

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