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What is a character sketch? I need to do one for Elizabeth Proctor in the Cruciable.?

Help meeeeee! :)

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    Well, are you playing Elizabeth Proctor? It is the breakdown/ background of the character. In some cases they call it a GOTE sheet (Goals, Objective, Tactics and Expectations) or a Character Analysis.

    Who is she?

    How old is she?

    What are her objectives? (what does she want)

    What type of tactics does she use to get what she wants? (what does she do in order to get what she wants)

    What does the character expect to gain from her actions?

    What does she do for a living?

    What is her economic status?

    Where does she live?

    What type of religion does she practice?

    Go through the script and write down anything a character says about her. Write down what she says about herself or others and you will discover what type of person she is.

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