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health care summit, did obama really try his best?

President Obama ended Thursday's daylong White House summit with a bang, threatening to push for passage of health care reform without Republican support if a bipartisan agreement remained out of reach.

i watched the thing on tv on and off, it really seemed obama tried to reach out and make a deal, when he dodges ever thing and had no clue to what was going on. it was good that obama tried his very best to make a deal with everyone on health care. so is this guy a fruit cake or what? whats every ones input on barrack hussein obama health summit show?

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    Obama dodge some very good questions because you can see how uncomfortable he looked, he told McCain the "campaign" was over yet Obama has been campaigning for his health care for two years, Obama will not take the republican ideas very seriously and he will follow the far left ideas who want universal health care that will damage the quality and increase the quantity, it will add to the deficit but yet he claims it won't. Obama will proceeded with the reconciliation with out the republicans, he will do what he wants and he will not listen to the American people saying that they don't want this bill. he will repackage his bill and change words around to make it sound like a different bill but it is still the same bill. all this summit was, is smoke and mirrors! but fortunately there were some people who were not buying into Obama's lies during the summit and if the House continues to fight against the Senate bill, hopefully it will buy us some time until November. if it dose happen that way then Obama's bill could officially be dead with a new congress who is not progressive as he is, but if the House dose go with the Senate and pass this bill before November then there will be a lot more angry Americans and the quality of Health care will be as bad as Europe as well as our deficit increases and there will be a tax on everything....How Crazy is Obama? Has he lost his mind?.....actually the better question would be "Dose he even have a soul or not?". I think he has no soul therefore he is an arrogant man and power obsessed for government

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    Again he tried to sell something that very few want. He is asking a 21 year old in good health to pay for insurance that a 67 year old smoker in bad health needs by calling for mandates. Just to be clear, he is willing to make that 26 year old can stay on their parents policy, but they are still required to have that "basic package" that would protect them in case they need heart bi pass, a lung removed, a stint put in their heart, high cholesterol, diabetes, and pancreatic cancer. Now I am sure there are 26 year olds out there that needs a lung removed, but most of the 26 year olds I come into contact with needs prevention medicine, minor surgeries like tonsils, and a few stitches, not too many on the heart transplant list or looking for a new intestine.

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    Obama is calling the Republicans' bluff. He is conscious they do no longer elect well-being care reform and could no longer vote for any well-being care invoice supplied to them. The Republicans have been complaining that Obama has ignored them, now they could't say it.

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    I liked the part at the end where he spent almost 20 minutes summing up what most of the people at the meeting had said, and then went over every issue and what had been discussed, all of this without notes. I also liked it when he handed the Republicans back their parroted talking points and reminded Grampy McCain who was the man in charge now. I think he was playing chess and they were playing Chutes and Ladders.

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    Frankly, I don't want this Health Care. I would rather have a JOB. I know that this Free health care isn't going to put food on my table.

  • Get serious, it's all about oil, drugs and power.

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    Epic Failure

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    No,just show no meat!

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    No, but then he had no intention of it.

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