What is a Middle mannetjie?

i think i have a rough idea but i just want to make sure... i think its a South African term.. used to describle a particular feature on a road... heres what i think it is... if you imagine a truck/jeep or any large vehicle driving over grassland over and over again, eventually, over the years, you will notice the tire tracks, and then it begins to form a sort of path.. apparently a middlemannetjie is the middle part..the part between the tire tracks, the part that is left untouched... but i just want to make sure if thats right? is it? has anyone heard of a middle mannetjie? ty

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, you are right. Mannetjie, is a little man, there was a famous South African rugby player called Mannetjie Roux (there is even a song about him), anyway I digress. Middle mannetjies are common on farm roads, which never get graded, and one reason why you need a high clearance vehicle for these roads. As in, "this new bakkie is too low for those middelmannetjies"

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