John Krasinski as Captain America Rumors?

I think if John got into playing Cap, it would be a huge step into another side of his acting career. He would stop being "Jim from The Office" and start being labeled an actual actor.

Personally, I would just LOVE to see him pull off some serious acting instead of the awkward, funny "Jim" acting he's been typecast to do. Seeing him in a WWII battlefield would be awesome alone, but seeing him don the costume and picking up the shield would be just so badass.

I may be in the minority, but I hope he gets it. Remember, kids, when Heath Ledger was cast as Joker? Nobody wanted a "gay cowboy" to play The Joker, and the man won a freakin OSCAR because he was so good at it!

And the former druggie Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, the babyface Tobey Maguire as Spidey, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (he was a musical theatre guy before Hollywood...go watch The Boy From Oz and see if there's any "superhero material" there).

The only thing that I have trouble imagining in my head is Krasinski shouting "AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE!"...

What are your thoughts?


Just a little heads up, I am in NO WAY degrating RDJ, Maguire, Jackman, or Ledger in their careers before their superhero roles.

Downey Jr. was FANTASTIC before Iron Man, especially in Chaplin (which he was nominated for an Oscar). But a majority of people were confused by the casting of him as Iron Man because, let's face it, at the time he was a has-been.

Maguire was in Cider House Rules before Spidey, I believe. Fantastic performance. But when he was cast as Peter Parker, people didn't get it.

Hugh Jackman was also great...didn't he win a Tony award for his role in The Boy From Oz on Broadway? I'm just saying that a lot of Wolverine fans were probably disappointed that they cast Curly from Oklahoma as an indestructable death-machine.

And notice how I put "gay cowboy" in quotations. I loved Ledger in Lords of Dogtown. But when he was cast as The Joker, I remember VERY VIVIDLY fans lashing out that they "didn't want a gay cowboy as their Joker."

Just saying...

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    I agree with you in a sense, but Hugh Jackman had been seen in such movies as Swordfish, Action, Robert Downey Jr. in a bunch of action movies before he became a druggy. I just don't see John beefing up and putting on a serious action movie superhero icon. He does look the part in the face though. The thing you have to realize about it too is whoever plays Captain America in the debut film most likely will be captain america in the avengers movie with the Hulk (Edward Norton), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth [who reciently played in the perfect getaway, which was a serious thriller]). John hasn't played any serious roles yet. I just feel like it'd be Owen Wilson in "Behind Enemy Lines." The whole movie i'm supposed to take him serious but everytime i look at his facial expressions trying to be serious i can't take him serious and ruins the movie for me.

    The biggest thing i agree with you is John shouting "Avengers, Assemble!"

    Plus when you think think about your health ledger, joker, tidbit. Health ledger was an amazing actor way before his role as the joker. But, i don't think christian bale was the right person to play the new batman. He looks the role but he doesn't act the role that well. But it is hard to find a person that everyone can agree on when you've been watching him, reading about him, and playing as him (video games) since a kid.

    I don't really care who they cast just as long as the story/script is actually good. So many movies have sucked lately because they don't have good stories/plots and 90% of America is ignorant to that... my biggest proof Twilight, New Moon. Horrible acting and Horrible writing and yet broke the midnight release sales record.

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    10 years ago

    I've always respected John Krasinski as an actor. I'm a big fan of The Office and he will always be Jim in my heart, but I think he is a good actor and could pull off the role of Captain America. I'd be more excited to see it, being a fan of The Office and Krasinski, I'd love to see him get attention for a role other than Jim. I'm like one of three people who liked License To Wed and one of two people who actually saw Away We Go (which was a fantstic film with a great performance by Krasinski) He was also very good in a supporting role in It's Complicated, the movie wasn't the greateast, but Krasinski was hilarious. I'm all for him playing Captain America... in fact, i'm hoping he gets the part.

    I agree with the people assuming the movie is going to suck because of the actor's past.

    Maguire was controversial when casted and look how Spider-Man 2 turned out.

    If Ledger was just a stupid "gay cowboy" how come he was nominated for Best Actor for Brokeback Mountain? He must have been a pretty damn good actor and he finally got the last laugh and won the Oscar.

    Krasinski should definately get the role.

  • Stacy
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    4 years ago

    The reasons why Krasinski can't be cap 1. He doesn't look the part 2. All his roles have been comedic and he sucks at trying to be serious 3. Most of the fans are against it 4. It will be impossible for him to bulk up to Cap's size 5. He doesn't have a commanding presence. I cannot see him leading the Avengers into battle. 6. I think I can beat him up. I'm 15 by the way

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    I totally agree. I LOVE the way he plays Jim. I'm so excited to see him do something else and step out of his defining character. I hope he's good though so we won't be dissappointed. If he isn't good, I won't think of him differently, I'd just only watch him if he's in The Office

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  • 10 years ago

    I was thrown off at first, but the more I think about it the more sense it makes. It's so bizarre and out-of-left-field it just HAS to work. I'm 100% for him as Cap.

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  • 10 years ago

    I love the idea, best casting rumor yet

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