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What is your favorite strain of Marijuana?

I just want to know some stains that other people prefer. I'm more into strains with high THC levels like white widow and ak47. But I want to start looking around for other awesome ones that are strong and give trippy visuals and make you feel awesome.


By visuals, I don't mean hallucinate

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    I'll second some of the recommendations: NYC Diesel, OG Kush (also wonderful for my migraines!)

    i'll add some more: Grapefruit, Sour Diesel, Hash Plant (great for sleeping), blueberry (also great for sleeping). I liked Krush too, but not because it was strong.

    God is a nice strain, island Sweet Skunk is a great strain (when you can get the original). I know I'm forgetting some.

    So much depends on not just the genetics, but also the knowledge and care the grower takes. They have to be properly grown (organic nutes), flushed (you can tell somewhat if it's got white ash, not black or grey), properly dried and cured. Most strains are nice when grown by someone who really cares about the end product.

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    NYCD,Sour Diesel,Sour Bubble,Deep Chunk,Pineapple Haze,O.G. Kush,Maple Leaf Indica,just to name a few of my top faves.

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