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Please Help!! Roy Campanella question!! Please see Details.?

What two traits, except for Determined would suite Campanella. Please make sure those traits are something you can support. Also, did Campanella face racism in the Major Leagues Baseball, when he first came up. Was Campanella the second African-American, after Jackie Robinson, to play in the MLB. Thanks in advance!

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    Campanella was the 6th African-American to play in the Majors. Larry Doby was the second.

    Jackie Robinson 4/15/47

    Larry Doby 7/5/47

    Hank Thompson 7/17/47

    Willard Brown 7/19/47

    Dan Bankhead 8/26/47

    Roy Campanella 4/20/48

    This sounds like a homework assignment. I suggest you do your own research. There's a lot of information about Campanella on the Internet. Maybe start with wikipedia and go from there.

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    Roy Campanella was a great catcher for the Dodgers and a fine man. His personality traits were many and you named determined and yes he was that. I would also say another personality trait of Campanella would be jovial. He always seemed to have a smile on his face even after the terrible accident that left him paralyzed. You could also call him courageous for sure. Yes Campy most certainly faced racism in MLB when he first came up though probably not quite as harsh as Jackie Robinson did. The 2nd African American to play in the Major Leagues was Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians.

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    Yes, Campanella was the second African-American after Robinson to play in the MLB. Like Robinson he did face heavy racism while in the MLB. Two traits to suite Campanella would be kind (after his career he served as a coach and a mentor to the young Dodger catchers) and joyous (he authored a book called "It's Good to be Alive". Glad to see you taking interest in one of the best catchers ever. Did you know he was the NL MVP three times and each time hit over .300 with over 30 home runs and over 100 RBI's!? That's like Joe Mauer numbers! He was a great player, it was a sad day for baseball and the world when he died.

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    Roy Campanella was a good team leader and very well respected until his accident. He was a good power hitter and good clutch hitter and exceptional defensive catcher. Yes, he faced racism; it was still strong when he began and ended his career; not to the point of Jackie Robinson though. I believe the second African-American was Larry Doby.

    Source(s): I was around and saw him play with the great Dodger teams of the early-mid fifties. I remember well the tragedy of his auto accident and seeing him in his wheelchair after.
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