Is time travel possible, and is there any chance that it will ever take place?

So will we one day be able to travel into the future?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes, Einstein proved that time is relative to the speed of light, meaning that the faster you go the slower time will move, and stop if you were able to travel as fast as the speed of light. Traveling into the future depends on speed.

    Traveling in the past is a different matter, we know that when we look at distant objects we are looking at what they use to be, since light itself takes time (as we perceive it) to travel. So if we could somehow teleport we may be able to travel into the past.

    The reason I spoke about teleportation is that when the universe was born it expanded (or so we think) at or close to the speed of light, since time is relative to the speed of light aging of the universe was not even across the whole universe, the expanding parts age slower......this is a result of Einstein's breakthrough that proved the past, present and future exist on the same plane

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  • arslan
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    10 years ago

    The only possible way to time travel is ti reach the speed of light, but that will only take you into the future not to the past. But Humans will never reach the speed of light, its impossible. You would need to have zero mass and an infinite amount of energy, which we don't have.

    I doubt we'll make Time machines either. If they do than the government will probably keep it classified, because a time machine falling into the wrong hands is not good. And also, if the time machine is made, you can go to the future but not so far back in the past. The farthest to the past you can go to is when the time machine was invented, you cannot go back in time before the time machine was invented.

    I don't even think I want time machines to be made, it will Just cause problems, A person going back in time will change one thing, and millions of lives might get ruined. I'd rather not have a time machine.

  • 10 years ago

    Travelling into the future (one way ticket !) Is logically possible and could be realized if we could build a spacecraft going at speeds close to that of light. Then the guys in the spacecraft could return to to earth after a few years of their time and find it centuries older.

    Now practically we cannot and will probably never be able to build such things.

    As for a travel to the past which would allow you to kill your mother before you were conceived, it is completely excluded on logical grounds.

    Note added: I don't see how teleportation could change anything to that, even without taking into account the practical side.

  • Ocky
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    10 years ago

    at the moment there is no evidence to suggest we will be able to time travel. teleportation is possible but to teleport a human it would take in the region of hundreds of thousands of years. it might have a few millions in there i cant remember. the reason for this is because all the particles have to be measured and individually, sent to the teleportation location 1 at a time then put back in the order they were originally in-imagine the mess if they messed that up :P

    however teleportation has been achieved with a single light proton

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  • 10 years ago

    I travel into the future all the time. The difficult part comes when trying to travel into the past.

  • 10 years ago

    No...haha total science fiction. Although hopping on a plane and going west to east...east to west does take you forwards and backwards. Going to another time years later will never happen. Although witht the advance in technology over time we could travel(maybe) the speed of lite somewhere and return to earth years(dont know how many...based on how long your gone)later on and be in the :future: but Love Back to the future and Time Cop though:)

  • 10 years ago

    >.< This is a good question. Anyway, this is a fact... some people who consist of 'second sight' can tell what is in the future of their own life via de-ja-vu when they arrive. They don't time travel. Most of the times these people dream and see what happens in the future without them knowing that it will happen in the future, until the time arrives, they seem to recognise everything what they saw and kind of known what might happen next. Maybe in the future we may be enabled to enhance 'second-sight' into a machine or possibly our machines by reading brainwaves. But that will be very complex so dont hope. Most of the time second sighters are pyschic.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Traveling to the past? No, not in my estimations.

    What is time?

    Time is an abstract human concept for sequentially arranging events on a Ray oriented time line; the origin of which is unknown.

    They say "Time" exists as the fourth dimension, but really? Time is beneficiary to the inverse of the paradoxical vacuum of the concept of Oblivion.

    This universe and existence itself is the forced alternative contingency to the concept of absolute oblivion. It's a vacuum of necessity (We are the proof that reality has a propensity towards "being" instead of utter Oblivion)

    So what is time? Its a human cognitive invention that allows us to reckon the order of events. "True" Time exists by necessity. They say the universe is expanding, but what is it expanding into? by definition UNI (one) verse implies that ALL (physical) existence falls within the boundary of the "One" zone of tangible existence. Time is infinite by proxy.

    If the universe is a massively infinite volume of "Spacial capacity" wherein all things are contained; then time is the equally massive infinite "frame rate" in which all things move change and operate.

    The only thing even remotely like it is if you were to somehow treat all matter in the cosmos as a VHS tape and sequentially trace each and every atom back to a former common distribution, thereby essentially forensically "reconstructing" everything as it once was.

    Rather than sending a single agent in the present to a former "run" of the VHS tape of time all the while every single fraction of time throughout eternity past future and present simultaneously runs concurrent on a sort of infinite mountain of time compression wherein each "layer" stacked upon "layer" would represent a single inconceivably small base unit of time....

    I do not think "time" in this tangible sense truly exists as something that can be manipulated or restored. Time is "amorphic" and not as it were, an infnite series of "saved states".

    Time is not composed of a series of static "building blocks" or "moving parts" or layers, but rather, is one huge "cell-less" ever changing unit of dynamic sequential placement. Time is an eternal "present tense" that constantly overwrites itself and not as a chain, being a series of links in succession.

    By moving at certain speeds, it may be possible to distort the RELATIVE AFFECTS of time on the body and perception of the mind, but this is a sort of "slight of hand" illusion. This would have no true affect on the natural flow of time. Even this mirage only works in advancing the time line, not reverting it.

    I don't think it will ever be possible, but, Great Scott; it sure would be sweet! No, not really. Someone would just ruin ****.

  • 10 years ago

    well we cant physically travel into the future faster than 1 second per second, but what we can do is travel through it at 0.000001 second per second and let everybody else travel 1second per second, if this happened then you would live 10 seconds and miniutes would pass on earth, then you could hop out your spaceship and it would feel like you traveled in time, where actualy everyone just overlapped you. going backwards is impossible

  • 10 years ago

    Only in so much as we are travelling through time now albeit at a rate of 1 second per second.

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