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Affordable Hotels (Extended stay) in Celebration, FL - near hospital?

Hello - my father is having surgery at the Florida Hospital in Celebration, FL and we are looking for hotels (extended stay) that are VERY close to the Hospital...we are looking for something that is priced reasonably (no deluxe/suite type of places since it's too expensive). We found "Home Suite Homes" which is $150 a week..but that seems to be too good to be true (It's probably a rough place - but we need somewhere quiet so he can rest and feel better quicker). ANY suggestions would be appreciated - something AFFORDABLE and very close to the Hospital.



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    One thing you might consider is to rent a condo or a house in or near Celebration. There are many vacation homes in the area that you can rent by the week at very reasonable prices. You can find studios to 6 Bedroom houses depending on your needs. Then you would have a full kitchen and laundry area. Could be much better than staying at a hotel.

    There are lot of rental companies in the area one that our family has used is Alexander Vacation Homes.

    Good Luck.

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    Hi i went on holiday in June 2009 and we lived in Kissimmee, however as we hired a car we kept getting lost! We always ended up in celebration either neir the school or the hospital!! As we liked the look of the houses and it seemed a nice area we actually looked into renting a house in celebration for our next holiday. try as this is the site that someone actually gave us when we were there, or even google homes for rent in celebration in florida. hope this helps and hope your fathers operation goes well.

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