Overall personal fav./most listened to RnB cd u owned in past year/3yrs/5-7yrs/10yrs/10+yrs?

My most favorite and overall listened to RnB cd that I listend most to have been....

1 year - The Dream (Love vs. Money)

3 years - Lloyd (Street Love), Day 26 (Self Titled)

5-7 years - Usher (Confessions), Jamie Foxx (Unpredictable)

Around 10 years - Carl Thomas (Emotional), Donell Jones (Where I wanna Be)

Obiously over 10+ years - Genuwine (The Bachelor and 100%) and D'Angelo (Brown Sugar)

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    10 years ago
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    1 Year

    Ne Yo (Year of the Gentleman) - although this came out in 08, I still liked it last year and I have yet to come across an album that's actually worth listening to these days.

    3 Years

    Lloyd (Street Love)

    Alicia Keys (As I Am)

    Ne Yo (Because of You)

    5-7 Years

    Alicia Keys (The Diary of Alicia Keys)

    Usher (Confessions)

    Joss Stone (The Soul Sessions)

    10 Years

    Aaliyah (Aaliyah)

    Alicia Keys (Songs in A Minor)

    Erykah Badu (Mama's Gun)

    India Arie (Acoustic Soul)

    10+ Years - These were the best years of RnB, these are the artists I practically listened to all day everyday lol.

    Aaliyah (One In A Million)

    Lauryn Hill (Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)

    TLC (CrazySexyCool)

    Usher (My Way)

    Blackstreet (Another Level)

    Monica (Miss Thang)

    Ginuwine (The Bachelor)

    Toni Braxton (Secrets)

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    I loved that Lloyd cd from a couple years ago with "Get It Shorty" on it, but over the last 10+ years I would say TLC- Fanmail, Ginuine- 100% Ginuine, and I liked Bachelor but 100% is my favorite. D'Angelo is a favorite too. Oh! And I loved Erykah Badu's last album (can't remember the name for the life of me right now.).

  • 10 years ago

    1 yr.... mariah carey- memoirs of an imperfect angel

    3yrs....mariah carey- e=mc2

    5 yrs- mariah carey- the emancipation of mimi

    10yrs- lauryn hill- the miseducation

    10yrs+ tlc- crazysexycool

    lately mariah's albums as a whole have been good...... so had to be honest haha

  • 10 years ago

    1 year-Brutha(Brutha),,

    3 Years-Day26,,Cherish(Cherish)

    5-7 years-keyshia cole(the way it is),jojo(jojo),,Trey songz(I Gotta Make It)

    10 years-Mary J blige(Share my world)

    10+ years-Monica (Miss Thang) Mary j blige (My life)

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