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do you know that "Atlantis" is an aztec word? atl-antis. atl=water. how did Plato get the word?

antis i think means copper. so perhaps the land of Atlantis had contact with aztec ancestors or were in the area or something. makes you wonder. Plato wrote that Orachalcum was a highly valued metal in Atlantis and it glowed red. kinda like copper.


Pol: can you break down the word for me? atla(nti)s. which part says island. nti?

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  • COA
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    1 decade ago
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    Remarkably the name Teotihuacan, when translated from the Nahua language means "The place where men become gods." The belief was that Teotihuacan was where the great gods held council after the destruction of the island known to them as Nahuatl Aztlatlan. Aztec belief was that their origins lay in this island of plenty, eastwards across the Atlantic. Aztlatlan was its name, and it's inhabitants were known as the people of Aztlan! Of course the similarity between this name and that of Atlas - reputed to be the first king of Atlantis is obvious, so too the comparison between the name Aztlatlan and Atlantis.

    Further intrigue comes from the word Atl. In the Nahuatl language it means water, a word it shares with the Berber people on the opposite shores of the Atlantic, in far away Africa. Atlan means in the midst of water. The Aztec water god was named Atl.

    The oldest known and simplest temple design of the Greeks was the Temple In Antis.

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  • 6 years ago

    The reason it came from the land of the Aztecs is because the word ATLANTIS that can be broken down to atl-water antis-copper is because the tribal languages were derived from the original inhabitants. Atlantis is not a small island, it was a capital city that had a small volcano island at it's center, and it was a continent and kingdom. All lands are islands and Atlantis was the size of Libya and Asia combined as Plato is told. Remember this true story was told to him by way of ancient Egypt centuries before Egypt even existed. Continents DON"T sink. Atlantis was South America, a land where amazing stone structures exist that are even more puzzling and extraordinary than the pyramids of Giza, that the Egyptians did NOT build. In the Bolivian Andes sits an elevated plane, or altiplano, that measures perfectly to Plato's measurements. It also sits near the ocean while surrounded by mountains to its east. There are also man made canals all over the region that criss cross the land and one huge one that brings in water from the ocean and can be see by satellites overhead. Comparisons were done by a group of Atlantis researchers and the only place, compared to the Greek islands, Span, Canary, Bermuda, Cuba etc. that was far and away the closest to Plato's description was the Bolivian Andes. The only things you couldn't match was because they were not provable. In Paaracas bay, Peru, there is a giant earthwork that some people call the "candelabra" which I believe is wrong. I believe it was a trident, the symbol of Poseidon, the master of Atlantis. A film by Jim Allen, Atlantis in the Andes, is a great documentary that I fully agree with. Jim, a cartographer set out to find this land not by picking a place he thought could be Atlantis like most fools, but instead followed Plato's directions and details and by using his skills as an aerial mapmaker he found that South America and the altiplano of the Bolivian Andes matched all the physical and provable details. I truly believe the abundant forests, the amazing monolithic structures, the geographical location, everything seems to fit Plato's description perfectly, now all it takes is for the rest of the world to catch up.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why does no one think ancient people traveled extensively?

    Maybe some Mediterranean folk Sailed to Central America

    or the other way round?

    But Plato also said the story was old when he heard it

    and if he claims it too old we would be back before the

    accepted date of copper smelting

    That date has been reset before though.

    I still think The Azores used to be bigger and that's where Atlantis was.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Atlantis is not a Nahuatl (or as you call it Aztec) word.

    The closes it gets in Nahuatl is atlan which mean place near water. Atl meaning water & tlan meaning place near.

    Source(s): Life.
    • 6 years agoReport

      Atlantis is a nahuatl word depending on the nahuatl tribal dialect its being translated from and too the specific language and fyi if ur mexica which im jus asuming because u call ur self jaguar for no reason is a perfect way to tell u dnt know the mexica culture very well at all

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  • 6 years ago

    @ COA Don't know where you get this idea, the legend about Aztatlán/ Aztlán is true, and 'atl' does mean water, but the Berber word for water is 'aman'.

    • Ekko6 years agoReportán (scroll down)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Quenchez were Irish indians the origional atlanteans, Plato got it from Socrates.

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  • Shinji
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    1 decade ago

    Actually, "atl" is derived from the Atlantean Language. It has been suggested that every nation on Earth has common ancestry from one Nation... Atlantis, which ruled the world prior to the deluge. The myths and legends are replete throughout the world in every nationality.

    (Orichalcum was said to be an alloy of gold and incredibly pure copper... which gave it the reddish glow)

    Here is are books you might find interesting:

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