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Poll: Do you think Lysacek deserves the gold medal than Plushenko?

Why or Why not?

4 Answers

  • Lefty
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    I thought Plushenko had a good point...he made the more difficult tell you the truth I don't know enough about it to really know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lysacek.....he was just a little more flamboyant than Plushenko

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  • ardis
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Lysacek EARNED the gold, that's ideal. He would not DESERVE something!! He earned it along with his very own sweat and blood! I recommend, he says himself that he did no longer have a "organic sense for the ice" like different childrens. He in simple terms worked no longer basic, and has grow to be the final with the aid of his no longer basic paintings. Plushenko became into sloppy, out of form, and had very almost no artistry. Evan skated fantastically, and had all of it: jumps (different than for the quad b/c of concern of harm) spins, footwork, innovative ability...each and everything. as nicely, Plushenko has won gold earlier. he's had his danger to polish. Silver after 3 years is enormously darn good in case you question me. He wasn't undesirable, yet he wasn't the final. Evan became into the final, and that became into what the judges observed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Plushenko is a Moron!

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