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要發美國信件是否有人能幫'忙修正, 讓它表達更清楚?

這是我最難堪的開會在今天, 關於你們的服務. 我的老闆是非常不滿意. 他問我如果如果你不能收到你的貨 , 這損失不應該是要他來支付吧? 我們給你訂單從一月到現在還不能收到貨, 我們損失時間和銀行費用和客戶的信任,

雖然我能理解你不是故意的犯錯, 但是犯錯是你們關於這交易失敗, 你應該盡力彌補, 你的公司有良好的紀錄, 我的建議你能夠馬上退回貨款, 因為與我們並不相關. 這(UPS)什麼時候返回你的貨.

This is my most embarrassing of meetings today, on your service. My boss was very unsatisfactory. He asked me if, if you do not receive your goods, this loss should not be asking him to pay for it? We give you orders from January up to now can not receive the goods, we lost time and bank charges and customer trust,

While I can understand you do not make mistakes on purpose, but the mistake is yours on this deal fails, you should try to make up, your company has a good track record, I suggest that you be able to immediately return the money, because we are irrelevant. This (UPS) when to return your goods.

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    2010-02-25 16:55:40 補充:

    Today I had a meeting, which could be the most embarrassing one that I have ever had. Regarding your service, my boss was extremely unsatisfied. He said he should not pay for the loss arising from your late delivery. So far we have not yet received the goods that we already placed order with you in January. Thus, we suffered a lot of loss from time, banking charges to the customer’s trust. I believe you did not delay the shipment on purpose but you should be responsible for such failure and should try all means to make up for what we have lost. Your company has been keeping a good record, so I suggest that you should return our money back immediately. When shall we return the goods to you by UPS?

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