What is connected to the air intake hose?

I see a few small hoses but there is a wire that is mounted by a metal piece on top of the hose. I'm replacing my hose Saturday but I don't know how to take off this metal bracket. I can reuse it right?

2001 Mazda Protege


No this wire isn't the MAF. It looks like any other wire with a plug. Just like a headlight wire. It's towards the end of the hose by the throttle body. The metal bracket it's attached to fits into a cut in the rubber. The rubber piece it's in it sticking outward. I think it's just there because its there and has nothing to do with the hose it's self.

Update 2:

The wire plug sits on top of a plastic piece that connects two small rubber hoses.

Update 3:

Here is a picture of the wire. You can see that it sits on a rubber pedestal that is attached to the air intake hose. You can see what direction the wire travels to too.

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    The other tubing is most likley vacuum lines for various apllications (cruse controll fuel pressure regulator ect) now, because of the year of the car i would say that it dose not have a mass air flow sensor its most likely a map (manifold absolute pressure sensor) dont go prying stuff apart, thats just bad advise. i would take it to a shop or let someone who knows what there doing fix it for you.

    EDIT: @ ? Lol yeah i said it backwards, i ment that it has a MAF not a MAP and i was using other vacuum lines for a point of refrence, not nessicarly exactly what they do, if i wanted to i could use Alldata or Mitchells on demand to tell you exactly what the lines are for. I wasnt "tooting" my own horn btw, its been a long week and its kinda hard to think straight right now.

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    James W... you have an ASE and you don't know that a cruise control needs more vacuum than an intake tube..lol And fuel pressure regs vacuum are run off the intake manifold like the cruise.

    2001 import... yep, its got a Mass Air Flow Sensor! Map was an 80s thing.

    Why do people toot their own horns and then give bad info! Not trying to be a dick but really. The only good info you had there was bringing the car to a mechanic.

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    the small hoses are breather hoses...are you putting in modified intake? the wire i would have to say is the master air flow sensor (MAF) the metal bracket would be the clamp. usually a flat head screw driver would take it off. some require pliers . and yes you would be able to use it.

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    Its a throttle body.. you can take the clamp off with usually a flathead screw driver.. just remember not to start the car with it off.

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    don't screw up your car let a mechanic do it or buy a manual

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