10 points Who are the top ten black actresses and your favorite role from them..?

my list is something like this..based on acting skills not looks or fame

(a good list to chose from)

1 Halle Berry-Gothika, losing Isiah, Boomerang

2 Kerry Washington-Lift and I think I love my wife

3 Zoe Saldana-guess who, Star Trek

4 Taraja P Hilson-Baby Boy and Hustle and Flow

5 Kimberly Elise-Woman thou art lose, Mancurian candidate

6 Angela Basset-whats love gotta do with it as TIna Turner

7 Sannaa Lathan-Love and Basketball and Brownsugar.

8.Lynn Whitfeild-Josephine Baker Story

9 Jada Picket Smith-Jasons Lyric, set it off

10.Regina King-Ray, Poetic Justice, Enemy of the state

11.Rosario Dawson-7 Pounds (a natural)

12.Jurnee Smolett-the great debaters

13.Cicely Tyson-sounder, bustin loose

14.whoopi Goldberg-color purple (unforgetable performance but not much to match)

15.Gabriel Union-cadillac records

16.Vivica A Foxx-Soul Food, Two can play that game

18.Meagon Goode-Stomp the Yard, Waist Deep

19. Janet Jackson-Poetic Justice, little penny on Good Times

19.Beyonce-Etta James in Cadillac Records

20.Lisa Raye-Players Club

21.Monica Calhoune-players club

22.jasmine lewis-barbershop, 3 can play that game

23.Nia Long-soul food, friday

24.Vanessa Williams-Soul Food

25.stacey dash

a good list to choose from all you need is 10..


before anyone even montions.. also ask the question who are the top ten actors period..and no black actors were mentioned who I think should be mentioned except denzil and halle..so I'm only bringin race to acknowledge the many talented black actors and atresses that dont get recognized..I recognize all talent black or white..

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    Not in order..

    1.Whoopi Goldberg- The Color Purple, Ghost, Boys on the Side, Fatal Beauty

    2 Irma P.Hall- A Family Thing, Soul Food

    3 Kimberly Elise- Beloved, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Woman Thou Art Loose

    4 Halle Berry- Losing Isaiah, Boomerang

    5 Thandie Newton- Beloved, Crash, Flirting, Jefferson in Paris

    6 CCH Pounder- (she's in a ton of tv movies from the 80's 90's), Robocop 3

    7 Lynn Whitfied- The Josephine Baker Story,A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    8 Angela Bassett- Waiting To Exhale, What's Love Got To Do With It?, Contact

    9 Alfre Woodard- Miss Evers Boys (tv movie), Heart and Souls, Bopha

    10. Cicely Tyson- Roots, bustin loose, fried green tomatoes

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    Whoopi Goldberg-color purple

    Halle Berry-Gothika

    Angela Basset-Tina Turner

    Kimberly Elise-Mancurian Candidate

    Zoe Saldana- Star Trek

    These are the only girls I know, but utterly amazing movies and fantastic performances.

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    I love queen Latifa

    Halle berry

    Whoopi goldberg

  • 1 decade ago

    Black women are UGLYYYYYYYYY

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