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What has been your favorite memory from your teams?

NFL- Starting 6-2 in 2007

NBA- Winning in 2004.

MLB- Magglio's walk off in the ALCS

NHL- Winning the Cup in 2008.

NCAAF- Beating Florida in the 2009 Capital One Bowl

NCAAB- Beating Clemson in last year's tournament.

Some credit for this question goes to Ryan and Anthony (KONJ).

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    NFL- The 2006 AFC Championship Game.when the Colts trailed the Patriots 21-3 at the half. The Colts than preceeded to pull off the largest comeback in AFC Championship Game history when Joseph Addai ran into the end zone of a short running play with 1:04 left to go and Marlin Jackson sealed the deal with an INT of Tom Brady. Two weeks later the Colts went on to defeat the Bears in Super Bowl 41.


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    NBA- The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz in Game 6. The Bulls were on the verge of another 3peat and their 6th NBA title in 8 years. Trailing the Jazz 86-83, Michael Jordan coasts in for the layup, than on the other end strips Karl Malone of the ball. On his final shot as a Bull he brings it up court, crosses over Byron Russell and drains the bucket to give the Bulls the win and their 6th NBA title


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    MLB- 2004 ALCS. The Red Sox trailed the Yankees 3-0, and as a matter of fact in Game 4 trailed going into the 9th Inning against Mariano Rivera. The Red Sox cameback and won Game 4 on David Ortiz walk off GW Home Run in the 11th and later took Game 7 at Yankee Stadium 10-3 to celebrate an AL Championship and biggest comeback in Pro Sports history. Red Sox went on to sweep the Cardinals and win their 1st World Series in 86 years.

    NHL- 2003 Stanley Cup Finals Game 7. The Devils and Ducks had played a great series. In Game 7, Martin Broduer shutout the Ducks to win the 2003 Stanley Cup Championship and win their 3rd Cup in team history. It was played right here in my home state of New Jersey


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    NCAA Football- Rutgers was known for losing all decade and finally got into the rankings at #19 and had put football back on the map. Rutgers had #3 Louisville who was undefeated coming into my home state of New Jersey. Rutgers had trailed that game 25-7 but proceeded to comeback and tie it. In the 4th Quarter with under 1 minute left Jeremy Ito kicked the game winning field goal for Rutgers to win 28-25. Rutgers had stormed the field and partied for days after that historic win. Truly great moment in the teams history


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    NCAA Basketball

    how about when Chris Webber called a timeout and gave North Carolina the 1993 National title hmm? lmao nah I'm jk

    For North Carolina I'll say the 2005 National Championship Game since it was a wild game and the 1st time I've ever seen them win. In 2009 North Carolina was never really challenged by Michigan State.

    In the 2005 National Championship Game it was a battle of #1 and #2 between Illinois and North Carolina.

    North Carolina had jumped to a 15 point lead but Illinois had even come storming back to tie up the ball game. With the game tied at 70 with 1:35 to go Rashad McCants missed the layup but Marvin Williams gave a tip in to give UNC a 72-70 lead that would last and UNC won 75-70 over Illinois

    that was the 4th National Championship and first since 1993


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    NFL - I'm just happy having a team in my favorite city. The 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII was cool even though we lost to Denver ... (frowning) Beating the Vikings in Minnesota to win the NFC title and get there was awesome too! I also thought winning against Green Bay and being the first team to beat them at home in the playoffs was good. Sorry Jenn ... (smiling)

    NBA - Beating the Celtics in all 4 games this year was really, really great! Plus the years when they had Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb and other stars will be forever treasured.

    MLB - Being competitive and consistent for all those years from 1991 to 2004/5 ... 1995 and winning the World Series over Cleveland wasn't bad either.

    NHL - Winning the title in 1989 and getting Jerome Iginla has been a dream.

    NCAA - Winning it all in 1980 and watching some great athletes come and go through the years.

    NCAAB - Winning in 1990 but losing to Fresno State in 2008 will be stuck in my head forever.

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    MLB- Mets winning division in 06 (too young to remember Buckner)

    NFL- Tyree Super Bowl Catch

    NBA- Not sure. Either Knicks winning a playoff round as an 8 seed or David Lee making the All Star Team

    NHL- Not sure

    NCAAF- Winning lots of Bowl games with schiano

    NCAAB- Pitt making the Elite 8 last year

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    Game 5. 2001 World Series.

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    NFL - 1940 Championship Game, Chicago Bears 73, Washington Redskins 0

    - Super Bowl XX, Chicago Bears 46, New England Patriots 10

    MLB - !945, Chicago Cubs National League Pennant

    NBA - Chicago Bulls six Championships in nine seasons, including 3-in-a-row.


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    NFL-Making it to the NFC Championship game with a 41 year old QB

    NBA-Making it to the conference finals in the 2003-2004 season then getting our butts kicked by the Lakers

    MLB-Winning the 163rd game

    NHL-The team being formed and having a team come back to the "state of hockey"

    NCAAF-Dont really have one

    NCAAB-Dont really have won

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    NFL- Beating the Rams in SB 36

    NBA- 1986 Celtics

    MLB- The 2004 comeback vs New York

    NHL- Not from the Bruins, but Ray Bourque winning a Stanley Cup

    NCAAF- BC Eagles, not much glory there but I still watch.

    NCAAB- Not into it.

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    NFL- Making the playoffs in 2005 (bengals)

    NBA- Three-peat from 2000-2002

    MLB- beating the giants in game 7 of the 2002 WS

    NHL- Richard Zednick is still alive

    NCAAF- undefeated run in 1999 with peter warrick

  • NFL - Brett Favre and the SB XXXI champs. Wow, it was an incredible season

    NBA - All I can say is Brandon Jennings scoring the 55 points brought a smile after all the suffering seasons. Just to see this kid and on the BUCKS

    MLB - Making the Playoffs for the first time that I was old enough to enjoy it. 2008

    NCAAF - (Badgers) 1999 and 2000 Rose Bowl

    NCAAB - (Badgers) 1999-2000 final four appearance, it was pandemonium in Wisconsin

    LOL it's okay Georgia

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    NFL- Us beathing the Bears in the SB

    NBA- Reggie miller scoring 8 points in 9 seconds to stick it to Spike Lee

    MLB- When the Cubs went to the playoffs for the first time in a long time in 2007

    NCAAF- When Purdue went 8-2 or something like that in 2007

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